Food Adventures - "Fruit Box" Fruit Bar

Saturday morning, after doing a little shopping, we all (mom, dad, and myself) decided we were hungry. Going down Lancaster hungry is a depressing situation if you don't like fast food. After passing 2 McDonalds, a few Burger Kings, Wendys, Taco Bell, Taco Del Mar, Carl's Jr, and who knows what else, we had finally settled on Jack In The Box. I know what you are thinking right about now, and no this isn't a shameless food confessional. Behind the JITB was a colorful building announcing karaoke, pool, and Vietnamese sandwiches among other things. It certainly grabbed our attention. At the end of the row was a small small restaurant with happy fruit painted on the window. A menu was painted on the window amongst the smiling fruits advertising mostly in Spanish.

Dad and I were the bravest. I think at this point my mom still felt JITB would be the dependable choice. Dad and I went inside to check the place out. It turns out it was a fruit bar called Fruit Box. The small dining area was clean and colorful, and so was the kitchen behind the counter. On the menu were fruit salads, fruit juices, fruit waters, smoothies, tortas, and other yummy sounding fresh items. Most of the menu was in Spanish, but there were enough English words and photographs posted around to help the English speaking crowd out.

After scouting, we grabbed mom and ordered our brunch. Each of us ordered a torta. I ordered the Tinga - shredded chicken mixed with a tomato based sauce. Mom had the Turkey and dad the Pit Ham. Each torta was grilled like a Cuban sandwich. The bread on the torta was soft, warm and delicious, spread lightly with mayonnaise, and packed with crunchy lettuce, onions, avocado, tomatoes, and jalapenos.

In addition to the tortas, I had a fresh carrot and orange juice and dad ordered strawberries and cream. I love fresh made juice. It just makes you feel healthy when you drink it. Probably all the anti-oxidants. If you order the juice don't expect it to be cold. As the waitress/cook puts the fruit and veggies straight from the juicer to your cup, the temperature means its as fresh as it can get. The strawberries were delicious, or even addicting. They were very sweet and the cream wasn't too thick and fatty. All I can say is YUM!

It pays to be brave sometimes. Its scary trying a place you know nothing about. Its even more frightening if you can't read the menu. The Fruit box was a great choice for brunch and I will have to go back again. It was a fun and colorful experience.

Fruit Box - Fruit Bar 1970 Lancaster DR NE
(behind Jack In The Box in the Lansunny Plaza)


KandN said...

LAnne's mother here. I feel I must weigh in to clarify why I was reluctant to go in The Fruit Box. Something bad must've happened to me as a child involving brightly painted windows. They frighten me and make me worried the owners are trying to dazzle and lure me in with the pretty pictures - rather than the food.
And that's the rest of the story.

Salem Man said...

Finding little places like that is the best. I agree with K above, Smiley face banana's are frightening to people of all ages. And how about the name of that strip mall, the Lansunny Plaza?

KandN said...

Hmm, now that you've reminded me of the name of that strip mall and I have the (all too vivid) vision of the happy banana, a song has popped into my head,
"They're coming to take me away, HO HO HEE HEE HA HA, To the funny farm, Where life is beautiful all the time"

Salem Man said...

Alright, now you got me youtubing Dr. Demento

and of course

KandN said...

Oh my gosh! Two of my all time Dr. D favorites!
Shaving Cream and Fish Heads! :>D

Anonymous said...

This place has good sandwiches. I question how fresh their fruit is though.

Great place, but they use styrofoam!!! Sheeesh