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Update 8:30 pm
Just when I discovered another really great and healthy item on the Buster's menu, they close down shop in Salem. The Meat Salad with Turkey, piled high with items from the salad bar is an unbelievably good dinner, only $7.25. It was sad to see the huge crowd showing up at the Texas BBQ one last time tonight as word of the closure was broadcast on a local TV station. So long Buster, I wish the best for you and your business. As for the employees of the Salem store, thanks for always serving my family with a smile. It always seemed like you guys piled on an extra slice of brisket for me. Much appreciated.
Buster's response to my plea to stay in Salem.
To our valued customers in Salem,

Sadly we have made the decision to close our Salem location as of October 1st 2008. This was certainly not something we wanted to do. And something we have put off for quite awhile in the hopes that things would improve.
As the economy has slowed so has our business in Salem.
We appreciate all of you that have stood by us these past 4 ½ years. We have had many loyal customers here in Salem and we are grateful to have had the chance to serve you.
We have received many emails and kind words about our food and our staff. We thank you.
And while we will no longer be operating a restaurant in Salem, we will continue to provide catering service to all the areas our Salem location did.
Next time you're in the Portland metro area we hope to see you at one of our other locations in Milwaukie, Gresham and Tigard.


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jeff said...

It must have tanked recently and severely - while I don't go there very often (it's at the wrong end of town), it always seemed pretty busy when I was there.