Wine Tasting at Willamette Vineyards

Since N and I are enjoying the popular "staycation" this summer, a wine tasting trip to Willamette Valley Vineyards seemed like the perfect late afternoon excursion on a warm day. We settled into our chosen spots at the bar and decided on the $6 reserve tasting -- 6 wines and we each receive a glass of our choice to take home. As long as you arrive well before closing (6 PM), you can stay and continue to request other wines to taste after you finish swirling, sniffing and sipping the 6 on the list. It's a nice way to meet other people, chat up the pourer or buy a glass of wine and take it out to their deck to enjoy the view.


Lise M said...

Don't forget the complimentary wine glasses! They let you take your choice of white, balloon, or goblet glass home with you.

I like to eat lunch at a winery when I go wine tasting. Usually they have cheeses, which WVV does have on hand in a mini fridge, and some sort of bread or crackers. Pair that up with your favorite bottle (they have all white wines chilled for this purpose), and you have a nice relaxing lunch with a beautiful view. Makes for a great date too.

Anonymous said...

I just tried Honeywood Winery for the first time because I read about them in the Best of Salem issue. They were a ton of fun and have what seems to be 100's of wines to pick from at the tasting bar. They don't give away wine glasses but the tasting is free. You guys should check it out.

KandN said...

Anytime you can taste wines for free is a good time in my opinion! Most wine shops also have free tastings and a few of the wineries.
I like the gift shop at Honeywood, too.