Travels With Reggie

We've all been there . . . l o s t.
Lost with no one available we can ask directions. No matter how much prep you've done for your short or long trip, it's bound to happen at some point. Oh the stress of navigating!
A year and a half ago, our youngest child (adult now) began a pain filled journey that has required us to drive to many doctor appointments all over Salem and Portland. I'm not complaining. I'd do anything for my child, but there is stress piled on top of stress when you find yourself in those inevitable dead end neighborhoods. Dear sweet N gave me a b-day gift last fall that ranks in my top ten--a TomTom GPS. I programmed him to speak with a British accent and call him Reggie. And now, even though N also relies on him, I think he's a bit jealous of this relationship.
In the beginning we would second guess Reggie. We know better now. Online we found a helper app to get us to the nearest Costco gas station and recently discovered that Reggie knows the way to BurgerVille. :>) That's where we asked him to direct us after Wednesday's Portland appointment.
I ordered a BV menu special--a Spicy Anasazi Burger--and N ordered the Walla Walla Sweet Onion Cheese Burger with a blackberry shake. For those diners who are all about texture, the bean burger many not be for you, but I enjoyed the spicy flavor and healthy alternative to a hamburger or deep-fried fish/chicken patty. N said that the onions really stood out on his cheeseburger--in a good way. He always appreciates the slice of real cheese he gets at BV, too. The fries were hot, and not overly greasy. The passenger in back (otherwise known as the reason for the trip) savored her Mocha Perk Shake on the road home.
Thanks, Reggie, for making a stressful day less so.


Salem Man said...

Just had BV last night on the way back from PDX. The burgers are good but those shakes are fantastic. I couldn't order one though. It was late and if my kids saw me drinking one, they would have wanted one too. They would have been so wound up from the shake we would have had trouble getting them to bed. Growing up, we named our pool sweep Arnold.

KandN said...

We never learned about not winding the kids up. We were suckers for those short moments of quiet in the back seat as they enjoyed their chocolate chip shakes from Rax (was that the name of that place??)
Okay . . . there has to be a reason why you named your pool sweep Arnold.

Salem Man said...

Remember that 80's show "Different Strokes." That was a big deal back then. The main character's name was Arnold Drummond played by Gary Coleman. His famous line was "What you talkin' bout Willis?"

KandN said...

How could we ever forget Arnold?! :>) I'm picturing a Different Strokes comedy routine out by the pool as you take your turn with the sweep.

'laina said...

Oh yum. If you want local fast food, BV's the way to go. There's one in Monmouth, Canby, Lake Oswego and I think Albany. My hubby and I always order 2 double beef cheeseburgers. I love their lemonade & shakes with the fresh berries- I just had the fresh raspberry one a few weeks ago. The raspberries tasted like they were just off the vine!

I also recently learned that they're offering apple slices with the kids meals, and even better- they offer the kids sides individually priced, so that made my 2 year old apple-slices-and-french-fries freak a happy little boy. lol

Anonymous said...

Had a shake the other day from the one in Albany. Always delicious!