Queen of Tarts Review in the Statesman

Our hometown newspaper the Statesman Journal just published a glowing article about our friends at Queen of Tarts Bakery over in the Salem Public Library. If you haven't tried them yet, you'll have to move them up to the top of your list after reading the article.


KandN said...

What a nice review!

Anonymous said...

I have to speculate that Mama2Dylan works there based on her blog, am I right?

Salem Man said...

Yes, Mama2Dylan works for Queen of Tarts.

Anonymous said...

in the spirit of this NOT being listed as a "personal attack," i respectfully would like to submit my own experience w/queen of tarts.

i selected her due to a previous experience w/a taste of her goods at the local saturday market. when i went to her to do a special event, the request was simple. carrot cake w/pineapple, and CREAM CHEESE frosting. how hard is that? everybody puts cream cheese frosting on carrot cake, right??
unfortunately for my event, this was a detail overlooked, and sadly one that will find me never back again as this business chose to ignore my complaint and avoided me altogether. all that i asked for would have been a little acknowledgment, but none was offered.
this was an important event for me, and the cake was central to that. it was sad because i really liked this outfit before.