Oregon State Fair 2008

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Here's some fair photos that just came in from Jen at http://fiveforefun.blogspot.com

Being notoriously cheap/frugal, you would think the Oregon State Fair would outrage someone like me. With $3 corndogs, $4 to get on a ride and fees to access your own money, every move you make it seems someone is trying to sell you some sort of trinket that's going to break the second you get home. I've purchased lightsabers from the fair that were extinguished even before we made the dusty trek to our car. I look at this place as a challenge to my penny pinching prowess. An arena that will test the skills I have honed over many years protecting my paycheck from predators out to unload their paltry payloads of plastic and inferior products made in foreign lands without labor protection. Sorting through my fair program I have calculated the most efficient way to experience the Oregon State Fair, maximizing fun and minimizing cost. Start out by going to your usual ATM machine before you get to the fair and tell yourself that you are not going to use the cash dispenser at the fairgrounds. The biggest drain on your wallet is the rides. If you have kids, they'll want to go on as many rides as possible. Go on a day that they have $1 ride tickets or $25 wristbands. We went Monday for the dollar ride tickets and budgeted $40 for two kids. After all that spinning, we took the chair lift ride across the park, one way $10. This is a nice slow ride that's worth the money and is a good change of pace from the noisy carnival rides. Once you land, there is a barbecue stand nearby called Championship BBQ where they have some good deals on their meals. $5 bbq sausage sandwich and a bag of chips, $2 for an ear of corn, $2 for a meaty smoked spare rib bone, and a buck for a coke. The service was disorganized but we got out of there for $22. The rest of the night we sought out some free entertainment like Travis Fox's hypnosis show on the Les Schwab stage. Check out the reptile exhibit if you're not afraid of petting snakes and the real star of the show is the baby farm animals. You should have seen the crowd ogling over the newborn pigs and the baby chicks huddling together in the poultry exhibit. It seems like this year with the gas crisis and the sluggish economy, people out there are feeling squeezed by high prices. I overheard a lot of people complaining about how much everything costs and I think that some of the people working at the fair were sensing that too. The spirit of the fair is to celebrate being Oregonians and sharing in the bounty that this great state produces throughout its diverse geography.

Photo Your Food and send it to eatsalem@gmail.com.

It's hailed as Oregon's biggest party and it starts today right here in our little city. The weather has cooperated and officials expect this year's Oregon State Fair to be the most attended in history. With big crowds, lots of food choices, rides and exhibits it's impossible to see the whole thing in one visit. So what can you do to maximize a state fair experience? Send in your fair tips on the comment section of this page or email us and we will post it online.
Here's some fair info to get you started.
-Free shuttle pick up Downtown and Chemeketa Community College.
-Veterans get in free the first two days of the fair, August 22, 23.
-Monday August 25th is $1 ride ticket day
-Tuesday August 26th and Wednesday August 27th they sell unlimited ride wristbands for $25. That's a deal because rides can cost as much as $4 each. But the deal is only good during the day starting at 11am and ending at 5p on Tuesday and 4pm on Wednesday.
-Parking is free but dusty.
-Willie Nelson is performing outdoors in the LB Day Amphitheater August 29th, 8pm.
-Credence Clearwater Revisited, is playing in the Pavilion August 26th, 8pm. Credence Clearwater Revisited has two original members of the famed Credence Clearwater Revival(CCR) led by John Fogarty. Just tell everyone you're going to see CCR in concert to avoid confusion.


KandN said...

When our girls were younger we had our day at the fair down to a science. We found out that if we bought our tickets in advance we could save a dollar a ticket and it seems like there was a coupon from Pepsi to take off another dollar on the ride-wristbands. I don't have a clue if those options are still available (check their website), but every possible discount helps when you add all the costs together.
While the girls and their cousins from Washington rode the rides, the adults browsed the exhibits and checked in periodically at pre-agreed upon times and places with the kids. During the last part of the day all of us visited the animals, the local crafts people booths and made a point to see as much of the "free" entertainment as was possible. One year I remember watching an awesome laser light show with garbage bags over our heads to keep us dry. Ah memories!

Lise M said...

Garrison Keillor is performing on Wednesday. (If you don't know him, think OPB, Saturday afternoons and Prairie Home Companion.) For tickets see here: http://prairiehome.publicradio.org/programs/schedule/#or

BTW, there is a "Disagree" on this topic. I wonder if it was a mistake or someone just doesn't like the fair? :-p

Anonymous said...

My mine and my boyfriends first date was at the fair, so it is always something we make a point of doing together. It was a sad thought to think that it might be ending but glad to see with new blood in there the fair is becoming more popular!

Anonymous said...

Went to the fair last night. It was fun, kinda expensive though 12.50 for a corn dog, fries and a drink. We pretty much go for the booths and food, as apposed to the rides. Prices have gone up since last year for all the food vendors, but it does seem like the merchandise is less expensive this year. You should defiantly check out the New Shanghai Acrobats at the family ville stage which was awesome. And try the Suzy Q kettle corn. They have free samples, it would be hard to leave without buying a bag. The Carmel corn is good.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I've been consistently dissapointed in the State Fair for several years now. I went the year before last and ended up spending over $150 and had nothing to show for it. The rides are way overpriced, the food is greasy and overpriced, and the boothes are nothing to write home about. Alas, my child wants to go this year, so I am dragging my sorry butt there this Thursday to waste my hard earned money. The ONLY thing that I look forward to are the awesome scones that I pay $13 a dozen for.

My advice to everyone who wants fair food and cheap, unlimited rides: Oaks Park. I ahd a blast there a few weeks ago.

Lisa Zaniewski said...

Just wondering if they have deep fried Oreos at this fair? I just moved up from California, and those a a big hit there, and I have to admit that they are the only reason I go to the fair.

KandN said...

Salem Man,
Sounds like you all had a good time. Planning makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it?
We're headed to the fair this evening to see Garrison Keillor's Rhubarb Tour. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, who should be working, yes they have deep fried Oreos. I also saw deep fried twinkies and snickers at the same booth. My guess is that you can give them anything and they would bread it and stick it in the fryer for you.

We went on Monday for the dollar rides as well and it was a great time. I second that the champion barbecue booth was delicious, we each had an ear of corn and a nice meaty pork rib ($4 for the two). The other food find was the NW Natural Pork booth (Near the reptiles tent) where they served free range, hormone free pork. They had pulled pork sandwiches, sausages or carnitas at the booth. The carnitas were delicious and filling ($7 for two).

Lots of free stuff to do at the fair and the tip about avoiding the ATM there is right on the money...an elephant ear was calling my name at the end of the day but I was a dollar short in my remaining cash. My diet thanks my pocketbook.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe no one has complained about standing in line for the Prairie Home Companion show last night. We stood in a line that was wrapped around the fair ground and we didn't make it into the arena until AFTER the opening song. We were very very disappointed!

Lise M said...

Anonymous - I saw a couple fair employees who looked like they were doing every thing they could to get us in to see Garrison Wednesday night. It sounded like they had a technical malfunction with the scanners. So sad to think we go away from manual labor (ripping and checking tickets) to something that is supposed to make our lives easier and it ends up nearly ruining an evening for thousands of people.

Oh! I had healthy food at the fair and it was good, though expensive. I had Pad Thai and Thai iced tea for lunch which was very good ($12), then I had a tofu dog for dinner ($6). We also had a nice afternoon sipping wine in the garden ($5 a glass). I was disappointed at the low number of artisans in the artist village. That used to be my favorite part of the fair.