Wake Up Call Espresso

(Wake-up Call Espresso is now Wild Pineapple Grill)

Drive thru coffee in Salem is a big part of the culture. The workforce wakes up and orders a steaming cup of joe before punching the clock and the stay at home parents treat themselves to a caffeine kick after getting little ones to school on time. Choosing the right coffee stand is sort of like choosing a sports team. You're going to be walking around the office with the logo covered cup like you're holding a little league trophy. Flavor is a factor, but where the Coffee came from says something about the coffee consumer. For instance, could you imagine a burly construction worker showing up to a job site with a mocha labeled Caffe Milan. Or how about a quilting group get together and showing up with a cup of that high octane joe that they sell or offer free at gas stations like AM/PM.(please forgive me for the stereotypes) The marketing can be tricky. Either you try to blend in with the masses with a safe brand name like Starbucks or you become part of a targeted demographic like Bikini Coffee Co. I look at the little locally owned coffee stands as a sort of defiance to a homogenized coffee culture that's spread throughout the country and the world for that matter. There are lots of others out there like me, which is why we have so many independent shops throughout our commercial developments in Salem. I almost always brew my coffee at home, but, if I get out late without time for a home brew, I try to get into Wake Up Call Espresso on Howard Street between 12th and 13th streets. For $1.50, I order a medium Americano which is brewed at least partly in an espresso machine. It leaves a foamy top layer even served black. I've tried unsucessfully in my espresso machine at home to duplicate this drink without any luck. The baristas are very friendly and have a smile ready for every customer. There's usually a customer or two in line here but the wait isn't very long and you'll be on your way in no time. By the way, sources tell me that a new Starbucks is being built on Commercial Street and Alice, near Roth's Vista. I thought they were supposed to be closing 600 stores. What's going on?

1255 Howard St SE
(503) 581-6682


Anonymous said...

a good espresso shot (americano = shots of espresso + hot water) is one with a good heart, body and crema. the crema is the lovely foam top of a shot that ends up on top of your americano. if you're pulling shots correctly from your home machine, you should be able to duplicate that deliciousness for even less than a buck-fifty.

although the allure of drive-through coffee isnt just the coffee, is it? well sometimes it is.... i dont have an espresso maker so i always have to buy mine. but there is the familiarity and friendliness with the baristas too.

just as a friendly suggestion, allrecipes.com is a good place to start if you'd like tips on pulling great espresso shots at home :)

Salem Dinner Table said...

Starbusks is closing many stores, but news sources say NONE in Oregon or Washington or idaho.
I love Quickies in West Salem, since I live there. They use Portland Roasting coffee. I do not spend my money at big chain coffee places. I see the long lines and wonder what's all the fuss about?