Things'll be great when you're - Downtown

Tuesday evening, my 24 year old daughter let me know that she was ready for an outing. "And tomorrow is Wednesday Market downtown," she added happily. I planned our morning accordingly, getting chores and such out of the way - all the while hoping that Cascade Baking Co. would have a bag of scones on their discount shelf. What a perfect day for browsing the produce booths at the market! Warm, but not too warm and so many booths with oodles of fresh produce. She picked out a bulb of fennel, a bunch of beets, a bunch of parsley, about half a pound of green beans, two pints each of Bing cherries, Marionberries and blueberries.
I wheeled daughter and our bounty back to the car and we headed empty handed towards Cascade Baking Co. Once we entered their shop, it dawned on me . . . N is working hard up on the roof and he loves a good Reuben sandwich and Cascade has a Reuben panini on their menu. Kismet?
After we picked out a loaf of sour dough and that bag of Marionberry scones (yay!) from their discount shelf, I stepped up to the counter and filled out a slip for the two sandwiches and paid for the lot. Daughter sipped on a cold Stewart's root beer while we waited for the Reubens to be made. She brought my attention to the loaf of rye being pushed through the loaf slicing machine, "I think that's for you." I chose two white chocolate chip and cranberry cookies to go with the sandwiches.
I unwrapped my Reuben once we were back home. It was still warm, even after a stop at Roth's. The bread was toasted on the outside from the panini grill. The ham and kraut had a flavorful tang that wasn't over powered by the mustard & mayo based secret sauce and the cheese was melted just enough for my liking. A nice, curly edged, leaf of green lettuce and a slice of tomato, were a nice touch. I apologize for not being able to wait for my first bites before taking the picture. :>) The cookie was about 6" or more in diameter. It was thin, lightly browned with a scattering of cranberries and white chocolate chips. Maybe I should tell N his lunch is ready . . . before HIS Reuben begins to call my name.


Salem Man said...

I hope you didn't eat all of N's sandwich, being up on a roof in this weather can be unpleasant to say the least. How do you prepare the beets?

KandN said...

I was good - really :>)
He's doing okay up there (from MY point of view) thanks to our big Maple tree.
Daughter sliced off the tops of the beets, tossed them with olive oil, salt and pepper with the sliced fennel, chopped sweet potato, carrots and cauliflower, and then roasted the whole mess on a jelly roll pan for 40 minutes in a 350 degree oven. She's going to use the vegetables in salads or ??

Lise M said...

The fruit looks so good! But I really want to pick up that rogue cherry at put it in its place. ^¿^

KandN said...

Mmm, speaking of Rogue . . . we had some of their bleu cheese on our green beans from the Wednesday market for dinner.