Speaking of Caffe Milan

Caffe Milan is now closed
I love Saturdays when I'm able to sleep in. It's even better when we're able to complete some tasks - even after lazing around. Later, with several household chores finished, N and I headed out to run some errands.
We weren't successful in finding the wee little wheel that keeps the dishwasher from being used nor the bathroom fan timer N wants to install to prevent heat being sucked out of the house all day long. So much for trying to buy things in town. {sigh}
On our way home, N asked if I was hungry. "Yup!"
I suggested Caffe Milan. One of several lunch places I've been wanting to try. What a cozy and beautifully decorated little place! I love the painted designs on the walls and ceilings and the distressed doors and moldings.
N and I both ordered bagel pockets - mine with turkey and provolone and N's with ham and cheese. The were the perfect size to accompany a small bowl of soup for lunch. They were served hot and filled with tender chopped meat with the cheese oozing out onto the plate. The loaded potato bacon soup tasted just like homemade. So thick and flavorful! Usually the first thing I add to soup is pepper, but it was perfect as served. Our drinks were a triple berry smoothie and a caramel latte. N enjoyed his smoothie down to the last slurp. I liked the heavy cafe style mug my latte was served in. It helped to keep my frothy, caramelie drink hot all the way through my meal.
The favorite part of our lunch? Was the infant placed on the floor by her papa atop her blanket, who rolled and rolled to get to where she wanted to go.

In my last post, I mentioned Caffe Milan on Fairview Ave and 12th SE and I discovered this video on YouTube about them. Check it out.

Very cool.
1210 Fairview Ave SE
(503) 763-6070


KandN said...

That was great!
It was fun seeing people I know in the video, too.
How in the world did you find it?

Salem Man said...

I was trying to get the correct spelling and location for Caffe Milan and I just googled it. I've been wanting to put video on the site for awhile and this worked out great. Seems like they have a nice little business over there.

Anonymous said...

Was there last week to get a bite for Lunch.
Stood around the counter area for couple of minutes. Waitress couldn't care a glance.

Thinking table service, wife and I took a seat.
Waited ...and waited. There was no one else in the restaraunt and nobody in the drive-thru.

Walked out after more than 5 minutes of hungry-waiting. Waitress couldn't care less.

Won't go back.

Lise M said...

So, for all you Caffe Milan regulars or even the baristas, I have a question for you. I ordered an iced drink today and had an unexpected surprise. While drinking my nonfat iced Mexican mocha I noticed little drink mix granules dispersed throughout the liquid. I'm not a fan of the dehydrated drink mixes, especially since they coat my tongue and are crunchy if not dissolved.

Are all iced flavored drinks at Caffe Milan made this way or just the Mexican mochas?

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure caffe milan is closed now. They did a lot of work decorating the place and making sure that their food and drink ingredients were top notch. Their downfall, they treat their employees like shit. Oh and about the mexican mocha iced.. mexican mocha is usually a powder a good barista would put hot shots in powder first disolve it and then put it in the add milk. The other drinks there are made with syrups or sauces.

Anonymous said...

I dont know at all what this cafe used in their mochas, but as a former Starbucks barista I know that, even though they used only syrups for flavoring, their mocha syrup was quite gritty and earth and had a tendency to have some silt sink to the bottom, in cold or hot drinks. Never did care for their mochas for that reason. Just my two cents.