McGrath's Fish House

It had been a busy day, so I nearly forgot it was N and my scheduled blood date. It's amazing how quickly 9 weeks can go by.
After we had finished giving our pints, enjoying the company and community of blood takers and donators, I had a hankering for halibut. So we decided to drive downtown to McGrath's Fish House for dinner.
We walked into McGrath's and the hostess asked, "two for dinner?". She led us to a table near the windows looking out on Chemeketa and the diners outside. I wished we'd thought to ask to sit outside. It would have been a great evening to eat outdoors.
I nearly panicked when I didn't see my favorite Halibut Parmesan in it's usual spot on the menu. (That's why I was here!) I looked over at the seasonal print-out, to see if there was anything that might come close to taking it's place. Aha! There's the Halibut Parmesan!
The waitress brought our green salads and bread. I like the addition of cucumber, tomato, carrot, cabbage and croutons, to the mix of romaine and iceberg lettuce.

About 7 minutes after we finished our salads, the waitress brought our dinners. Maybe because I can still hear mother's voice, or maybe because I really do like well prepared veggies, the first thing I dug into were their vegetables - tossed with olive oil, and roasted. I tasted a hint of lemon juice with what I'm guessing was a mixture of tuscan herbs. On top of my halibut was a golden, crispy, coating of parmesan cheese. The flavor of the toasted parmesan cheese is a wonderful compliment to the mild halibut.

N here, I had the alder plank Salmon. The fish was cooked the correct amount, it was moist throughout and had a nice smokey flavor.
I wonder what we'll hanker for in September.
I hope that date doesn't arrive too quickly!
Salem - Downtown • 350 Chemeketa N.E. • 97301 • (503) 362-0736


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I just saw a recipe for Parmesan Halibut on Fitts' website. Don't know if it would be the same, but might be worth a try.

KandN said...

Cool! Thanks!
I wonder if you could switch out the mayo for olive oil? Although, I suppose the mayo probably contributes a slight tang, doesn't it?

Jill said...

I've not tried the parmesan halibut. I love the Salmon cooked on an alder plank. Think McGrath's will be on our schedule this week. We like the one out by Lancaster Mall.

KandN said...

Jill, We've never been to the newer McGrath's, but only because downtown is more convenient. A few years ago, my sister in Washington and I were talking about recent restaurant outings and discovered we both order the Halibut Parmesan when we go to McGrath's. Is it in the genes?? ;>)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE their halibut parmesan!