Marco Polo Moving

It looks like local favorite Marco Polo Global Restaurant has moved south a couple of blocks to the space formerly occupied by Amador's Alley, 300 Liberty Street. Good news if this means a better parking situation and larger dining room. Here's a google image of the building taken before MP moved in.


jeff said...

You mean they're moving to the dying place of trendy restaurants?

That seems the fate of anything that goes into that second floor Pringle Park location.

Hopefully Marco Polo's already well established reputation will help them break the curse.

KandN said...

I hope they can break the curse, too. Maybe that need for a remodel had something to do with the failure of past places? I never stepped foot in the place, so I don't have a clue.

Salem Man said...

Those google drive thru pictures are kind of creepy.

Unknown said...

I went to the open house they had and it was pretty awesome. Marco Polo is using the room with a stage that once had cabaret shows when it was the 300 Club to host banquets and people can rent it out for parties, receptions, etc.. They can now do catering too with a large kitchen. The dining area is lovely, with red booths and an elegant feel with a nice view. AND they are going to keep their old location as a vegetarian-only restaurant with a different name (I think something like Tea Time). Eat Salem should cover this!

KandN said...

Angela, Too bad you didn't have your camera with you at the open house. It would've been fun to have a second hand peek at their new digs.
Salem Man, Did you hear the story about the woman who attempted to flash the google drive through van? Thank goodness the full effect wasn't caught on camera. But I'm loving the street views when I have to venture into new territory.

Salem Man said...

I think I've seen that car going by, a big pole sticking out the top. When people start to figure out what that is, they're going to do all sorts of crazy things to it.

KandN said...

Salem Man,
That's frightening, don't you think? All I would be able to come up with is a wave.
I did have to zoom into their shot of the side door of Reader's Guide on Edgewater in W Salem. I couldn't figure out what was in the doorway. Yes, I DO spend too much time on the computer . . .

Anonymous said...

This move is terribel for Marco Polo.

I really like the restaurant. The lunch buffet was one of the best things in the Salem dining scene.

That new building is a dump.
It is further away from the downtown lunch crowd.
There is no convenient parking.

I really feel bad for these folks - they seem like nice people.

Hopefully they did not sign a long term lease and will pop up somewhere else.

I am going to miss the restaurant.

KandN said...

Oh gosh, I thought there was all kinds of parking down there; on the street, post office after hours, parking lot opposite post office AND Pringle Parkade.
Plus, they did so much renovation on the building I think it's worth taking a look, don't you?

Anonymous said...

My my, if you like the place so much you at least owe it a CHANCE before trashing it.

I, too, was worried about the location and the lack of the lunch buffet. But you won't be disappointed once you go, and you find that it's everything you liked... BUT MORE. And so much more for the owners, too, hopefully diversifying their revenue streams will help them prosper in these tough times. They have so many great rooms for meetings, banquets, etc.
Check out my review on Yelp!