Gardner House Cafe

Reviewed by K&N 7/5/08
I was anxious to hear more about my friend's cruise, but she didn't have a way to meet me for breakfast in Salem. I suggested I pick her up and we visit the newly opened Gardner House Cafe in Stayton, near her home. The cafe wasn't hard to find since my friend is familiar with the area and remembered driving past the bed and breakfast on 633
N Third.
We walked up the path, past the fountain, the Ginkgo tree and up the stairs to the front door. Once inside, we admired the old fashioned flowered drapes with lace curtains and the sunny yellow walls. There were about 5 tables in the dining area immediately inside the front door, nicely lit from the sunlight coming in the windows that look out onto the front porch. One of the owners, peeked in and said he'd be right with us. He invited us into the next room to taste their scones and choose our tea. Their generous samples of lemon lavender, orange cranberry & coconut chocolate chip scones, helped us make our selections. The owner suggested we try a pot of their "creamsicle roobios" tea. In addition, we each chose a bowl of fruit. My tender, orange cranberry scone had a nice balance of flavors and wasn't overly sweet. While neither my friend nor I could taste the "creamsicle" in the roobios tea, it's light fruity flavor was a nice accompaniment to the scones and melon balls. I liked how the china cups and saucers added a special touch to our table. On our way out we mentioned we were going for a walk and the owner helpfully told us that The Covered Bridge Park was just 5 blocks from the cafe. The stroll to the picturesque bridge and fir shaded park was a nice finish for our morning together.

8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday
633 N. 3rd Ave, Stayton


jeff said...

An intersesting sidenote is that the owner is the son of a former NASA administrator - and has quite a bit of his memorabilia on the walls. Includes a shuttle tile and other unusual items.

It's quite the thing for someone interested in the space program.

DeeDeeDiner said...

I just spoke with the owner and learned that the hours are now 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. They serve breakfast, lunch & "tea plates" [high tea, light tea or mini-tea].

She said their menu was posted on the website