Food Confessions

It's easy to blog about eating at local restaurants and avoiding chains but putting it into practice is much more complicated. So I've set up a food confessional online, where we can admit to our dining sins whatever they may be. Then the online gods, anonymous or otherwise can determine our punishments and offer forgiveness. I'll go first.

Dear Local Food Gods,
Please forgive me for my lack of good judgement and hypocrisy. During a recent lunch out with my family, we chose to eat at the Shari's Restaurant on Commericial St. near Kuebler. I had just finished bragging about my garden grown blueberry pancakes and I should have known better. The evil thought occurred to me to take pictures of my lunch and write a review online. That would not have gone over well on this site, so, I was just hoping to eat there and take this secret with me to the grave. An overwhelming feeling of guilt came over me as I waited for my Pot Roast Sandwich for $7.99 and read the article in the newspaper about a Salem man who is eating only local foods for a year. I have never said that I would avoid all chain restaurants but I know how much the local restaurants depend on our support. If you can find it in your heart to forgive me I will be more careful about the decisions I make when dining in Salem. What should my punishment be? Or confess your sins now.


jeff said...

Eating at Shari's is not punishment enough?

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong whit eating at Shari's, I have too admit that I like to eat at Olive Garden once in a while.

KandN said...

Okay, okay, fine I'll admit it . . . it's been awhile, but one of N and my dirty little food secrets is going for a quick bite at McDonald's from time to time. We like their apple walnut salads with a side of their "premium" chicken nuggets. Aaarugh! I can't believe I've actually shared it!

Salem Man said...

You went to McDonalds and ordered a salad? Don't worry, you have plenty of food karma built up since your visit to the farmer's market.

KandN said...

One can only hope . . . we have a lot of Mickey Dee's visits to atone for.

Anonymous said...

Shari's - that's bad. I had a relative that wouldn't eat anywhere else, so when I took him out to breakfast we would eat there.

I once got hashbrowns that were browned on the outside and still frozen on the inside. eck!

Really bad coffee too.

The service was decent.