Eat Local, Very Local

Update 7/22/08
Here's a link to a Statesman article on another local foodie who plans on eating only NW food for a year. Justin Rothboek's blog is called Salem Diet check it out.

Inspired by our local television foodie Nate Rafn over at the Living Culture studio, I decided that it's important to seek out locally grown ingredients for the freshest taste and fullest flavor. The fruit on the blueberry plant in my garden is starting to ripen and I was able to pick about twenty of these juicy morsels to add to my morning pancakes. From the time they were picked off the bush, to the moment they started heating up inside the pancake batter on the griddle was no more than 10 mintes. It's amazing how much flavor a few of these fruits can add to a meal. When I cut through with my fork I could see the blueberry juices bleeding throughout the pancake. When they are fresh like this, I've learned not to put too many into each pancake because you still want to be able to taste the pancake. The right mix of the two ingredients will increase the flavor of both. Topped off with some real Tillamook butter and a squirt of maple syrup, there's no better way to start the day. If you haven't started a garden yet, there are lots of u-pick farms in Marion County and Polk County. Click here for a list.


KandN said...

Oh boy, oh boy!
Home made blueberry pancakes!

Anonymous said...

How dare you tease us with these images.

Salem Man said...

I just saw the SJ did an article on a Salem guy who plans on eating only NW foods for an entire year. I hope he picks lots of blackberries and makes jam. I'll put his link up.