Clean Kitchens

If you haven't checked out Marion County's Restaurant Inspection Scores online lately, you should. You'll be impressed by how many perfect scores Salem restaurants are getting. Most notably India Palace with a perfect 100 during an inspection on 5/27/2008. Other restaurants with perfect scores so far in 2008 include:

4 Caminos, Amadeus Cafe, The Arbor Cafe, Bentley's, Best Little Steakhouse, Bikini Coffee, Blue Pepper, Blue Willow, Break Point Coffee, Brother's Deli, Burger Basket, Capitol Dog, Casey's Cafe, Chad's, China Faith Restaurant, Christo's, Coffee House Cafe, Cokie's Landing, Court Street Dairy Lunch, Cozumel, Croissant and Co, Davinci's, Dolliaz, Don Pedros, Elmer's, Fast Eddie's Pizza, Flaming Wok, Konditorei, Gold Dragon, Golden Crown, Golden Tent, Guadalajara, Heidi's, Hong Kong House, House of Dragon, I Love Boba, Ike Box, Jonathan's, Josey's, Jr's, Kwan's, La Hacienda Real South, La Margarita, La Perla Tapatia, Las Palomas, Los Arcos, Los Baez, Love Love Teriyaki South, Lum Yuen, Macedonia, Marco Polo, Mcgrath's, Mona Lisa's, Monaghan's, Moy's, Muchos Gracias Commercial, Muchos Gracias State, Northern Lights, Off Center Cafe, Old Europe Inn, Old Spaghetti Warehouse, Original Roadhouse, Pete's, Pita Pit, Pizza Schmizza, Queen of Tarts, Ram, Ramen Ichiban, Rice Time, Ritz Diner, Rock N Roger's South, Rolling Bagels, Rudy's, Saigon, Salem Cinema, Salem's Latte, Sansei, Sassy Onion, Soup Cellar, Spoon's, Star of India, Sushi Kyo, Sybil's, Taqueria El Padrino, Taqueria Veracruzano, Teriyaki Diner, Teriyaki House, Thai Beer, Thai Orchid, Thailand Restaurant, That Food Guy, Thompson House and Brewery, Tucker's, Venti's, Wake Up Call Espresso, White's, Wild Pear, and Willamette Noodle Company.

That list is impressive and customers in Salem should know that Marion County is doing an excellent job inspecting these kitchens. All of these restaurants have to undergo thorough examination by county inspectors. Points can be deducted for small things, like, uncovered drinks in the kitchen or scoops without handles in a dry rice container. When a restaurant scores a perfect 100, it means they are working very hard on cleaning and listening to inspector recommendations. Being perfect on an inspection score is a big selling point for me and my family when choosing a place to eat. To all the restaurants on the list, thank you for your efforts to keep it really clean and keep up the good work. It's efforst like this that will improve Salem's restaurant reputation.


Anonymous said...

The majority of these restaurants did not receive a graded inspection but a consultation instead. This is something new the county is trying. A restaurant will only receive one of this type inspection then will return to a regular graded inspection on the next visit. The reason a 100 shows up is due to a limitation in the inspection software. The disclaimer on the inspection report states: An Enteric Pathogen Consultation was provided instead of a regular graded semi-annual inspection. This consultation is intended to provide food service operators with strategies for preventing illness outbreaks caused by enteric pathogens such as Norovirus. In addition to the consultation, five CDC risk factors that contribute to foodborne illness were evaluated and any resulting violations are not reflected in the score of 100. More information about the Enteric Pathogen Prevention Strategy can be found on the Marion County Environmental Health website homepage at:

hi! my name is Lora. said...

i've been checking these online scores for an update since september 2007 when i found out that one of our favorite restaurants, kim huong, failed inspection. we have refused to eat there again until we see an updated and improved score. there has been no update to their score online since then. any idea of how we could get this information? we miss it, but refuse to risk it until we get "clearance".

Anonymous said...

In response to Lora's comment above: Marion County only does inspections every 6 months. I am not sure of Marion County's policy when a restaurant fails the inspection, but it could be another 6 months before another inspection. The statement by Anonymous is true, many restaurants had a consultation, and as a result, got a 100 percent. There were also many restaurants that DID NOT get a consultation, and were inspected. So the scores do not tell the whole story. Additionally, the inspector makes a difference in the scoring. As a diner, you can discern the cleanliness of the facility by how it looks and smells, and how clean the bathrooms are. Judge for yourself!