Eat Local

Update 06/17/08
I just received email confirmation that one popular local restaurant is really feeling the pinch. The owner blamed the high gas prices for the lack of customers to his establishment. Today I saw an Arco station selling regular for $4.11 a gallon, and that's a deal. Restaurant patrons might be adding transportation costs into the total expense of the meal causing them to eat at home more often.

It's more important now than ever to be conscience of eating in locally owned restaurants. This article in the Oregonian shows how a weakened economy has hurt Portland restaurants. People on this blog have criticized me recently for posting a lot about the Sonic franchise that opened on Lancaster. My response is that Eat Salem is about dining in Salem with an emphasis on highlighting where locals eat. A chain like that opening effects local business by drawing customers away from local restaurants. When people are pinching pennies to pay for gas, this can be a double whammy for smaller kitchens who may not be backed by deep corporate pockets and national advertising campaigns. In the end, this survival of the fittest may mean fewer local choices to eat, even after the economy turns around. More fast food chains is not what Salem needs. For the sake of supporting local chefs and mom and pop kitchens, please consider that where you eat today, will effect your choices tomorrow. By the way, the pasta pictured above is Spaghetti with Meat Sauce from Willamette Noodle Company, $7.50 ala carte.


Farmer bill said...

Oh man, that spaghetti looks so good right now... if it wasn't 15 miles to the noodle place and dinner wasn't already started, I would leave right now to do my part.

I agree with your message about eating local from local businesses. There is a lot of good food, even in Salem and it's a fine thing to talk about it.

Anonymous said...

I support your support of local eateries, and I appreciate your comment. I'm assuming we will see less reviews of chains on your blog???

mommyof2 said...

I also agree with you about eating locally. And to whomever is giving you grief about you reviewing sonic, If they dont like what you write maybe they shouldnt read this blog!! And BTW when is the next Eat Salem night out?

KandN said...

Are places like McGrath's, Dutch Bros or McMenamin's considered local?

Anonymous said...

From what I know, I believe McGrath's started in Salem.

Anonymous said...

I think if anyone wants any merit to his/her complaint about local vs. chain, then they need to quit bullying people anonymously. Flies with honey, people, not vinegar.

You complainers have a choice- see that little "X" in the top right corner of your screen? Press it if you don't like what you're reading. Otherwise, put your money where you mouth is, go eat someplace local and send your review to The Eat Salem blog maintains that "This blog is an attempt to provide a place for people to give feedback to restaurants anonymously about their dining experiences".. where in that description does it say anything about the restaurants being local only?

I personally appreciate the chain reviews. Thanks, Salem Man.