Eat Salem Night at BiGFOOT Bar and Grill, Saturday, May 31, 7pm

Update 5/31/08
If there is a creature lurking in our great forests, who stands up to ten feet tall, he or she might have to satisfy an incredible appetite. Until tonight, it was hard to imagine a meal that would fill the belly of the legendary Sasquatch. The BiGFOOT Bar and Grill is serving burgers in Salem that are so large, if a Sasquatch came out of the wilderness, that's where they would have to eat. The burgers here are huge, and you'd better plan on being immobile for a couple of hours after eating a whole one. They have one called The Hangover because a pile of shredded Tillamook cheddar cheese melts off the side of the patty and hangs over the top of the bread. It's kind of crunchy and gooey at the same time but it adds a unique flavor to the cheeseburger. It breaks off the burger so you might need to pick it up and put it back on top. If you like cheeseburgers this one is excellent.

This was the third Eat Salem Night since we started doing the blog. We picked BiGFOOT because it was highly anticipated, mostly because of the gigantic Bigfoot wood carving that towered over Commercial Street for so long. The clue to picking out Eat Salem readers, for this night, was having a person in your party wearing a long sleeve shirt with the arms rolled up. And when you saw that person, give them a smile. It might have just been good rolled up sleeve weather but it seemed like there were several people in there exposing their bare arms and looking around. K and N stopped in for a bite and sent in some great pictures of their burgers. It's always uncomfortable to take pictures of your food in a crowded restaurant, so I thank you guys very much for doing that. That must be the gigantic Hoss Burger stacked so tall, it makes that pint of beer look miniature.

Update 5/29/08
If you get the Janco Saver in the
mail, BiGFOOT has a two burgers for the price of one coupon in there
Are you ready to discover a Northwest legend at Salem's newest restaurant. It's Eat Salem Night at BiGFOOT Bar and Grill, Saturday night, May 31, at 7pm where we're sure to have a Sasquatch sighting without venturing into the wilderness. If this is your first Eat Salem night, this is how it works. Just go to the restaurant around 7pm, have dinner and a good time and comment about it later online. If you take pictures of your food or the atmosphere, I'll post them here so that we can see what you ordered. Because this is mostly anonymous, it'll be hard to figure out who is eating there from the blog. So, if you want to identify yourself in a subtle way, here's the clue, have
someone in your party dressed in a long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up. When you see someone with rolled up sleeves, just look them in the eye and smile. The other less subtle mode of identification is to wear a carnation, in a hat or pinned to your lapel, whatever, it doesn't even have to be real. BiGFOOT just opened a little over a week ago and I can tell you the burgers are big and juicy. It'll be fun, I'll see you there.

3330 Commercial St. SE

BiGFOOT Bar and Grill Review


KandN said...

We're baaack.
Were you there?
I had a juicy John Wayne burger with grilled onions, N ordered a Hoss on a dare (nope, couldn't finish it) and J had an Inside Out Burger with bacon.
We're all stuffed. Pleasantly stuffed. All of our burgers were cooked and prepared just right, I enjoyed the 3 slices of tomato and the crispy fries (even if I did order a side salad). How was your meal?

mommyof2 said...

My meal was ok to say the least
my burger was very dry and came with tomatoes TWICE when I told them I am allergic to them, my husband LOVES it and says he will go back without me next time!!

Salem Man said...

My burger came without tomatoes or lettuce. I just thought that's how they served the Hangover, but maybe I got your burger Jennifer.

KandN said...

I nearly wore my Eat Salem shirt, but chickened out at the last minute. I think the presence of the camera was enough to bring one of the owners over to the table.
No lettuce and tomato? How sad! I think the wait staff just needs to find their bearings. Sure seemed to be a bunch of them for that small space. Do you think they were sharing with the place next door?

Salem Man said...

The service was a bit slow, that can be expected for a place that just opened. They also ran out of the 10oz prime rib which was a disappointment. If it ever warms up that seating out front will be fun.

Anonymous said...

Tried Big Foot tonight for the first time and it was GOOOOD! I really enjoyed the burger which was huge and tasty. I had the john wayne just the basic cheese burger. The regular fries were not great but due to the burgers size I wasn't even interested in eating them anyway. Seating I didn't like much we were facing a wall where no one could sit on the opposite side of the table because it was pushed up against the wall. If you go to a restaurant because of their fast service well this isn't the place for you as it was dead and service was slow. They had live music which was alright. But I will be back that burger is worth it!

Orejo said...

We ate here recently and while the burgers were good, the fries were just so so and the onion rings were a complete rip off. We got a basket of about 6 rings for a bargain price of around $5.79. The fried pickle chips on the other hand were great.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I ate at bigfoot Bar and Grill today. 2/16/09 I had the John Wayne
(classic cheese burger) nothing special to say about it, except the hamburger tasted like good quality beef. My wife had the Ranch burger it was very good. While we were waiting for our food I was looking around at the place and noticed it was really dirty. The floor had a greasy feel to it and from where I was sitting I could see into the back room which had a very dirty floor and garbage laying around. Also when we first got there we went to wash our hands and no towels in either of the bathrooms.
After leaving we drove behind the building and there we noticed even more of a mess. We will not be return customers. I think if you want a good burger you cant beat the A&W in Stayton.