Eat Salem Night, May 31, 7pm Bigfoot Bar and Grill

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The Eat Salem Night for May will be at the newly opened Bigfoot Bar and Grill on Saturday, May 31, 7pm. Bigfoot has gotten a lot of attention since they opened in the building formerly occupied by Grand China, where a statue of the elusive forest creature greets drivers on Commercial. It's taken awhile for them to get this place open, but on Thursday, May 22, they'll start serving customers in their log cabin dining room. Mark your calenders for the 31st and tell some friends, the owners know that we will be in there that night. Comment below for suggestions and stay tuned for more details.

The date has been set, still no restaurant. Caruso's in Keizer was popular but with as many people as we might have showing up, they wanted to put us in a banquet room. This may be something we do in the future, but I don't think it will work out for this month. So, I'm going to put some more names out there. How about;
Willamette Valley Grill
Willamette Noodle Company
Flight Deck
Rudy's at Salem Golf Club

Any other's you can think of?

It's time to start weighing in on the next Eat Salem Night. Where and when? Should we pick a large restaurant, small, a place we've already reviewed? What about a Saturday afternoon at The Little Cannoli or Queen of Tarts. We haven't reviewed Bentley's yet. Maybe Marco Polo for dinner? Caruso's in Keizer? Tell me what you think.

Here's the link K&N provided for Caruso's.


jeff said...

What are The Little Cannoli and the Queen of Tarts?

Anonymous said...

Caruso's in Keizer or Willamette Noodle Company would be excellent choices...although WNC is pretty small...

KandN said...

No more Caruso's . . . :>(
Here's the story:

Anonymous said...

I beleive Caruso's move up the road to Inland Shores

Anonymous said...

Caruso's just moved down the road a bit. Look them up. Great restaurant.

Whatever you do please don't do Bentley's. This is everything that is wrong with Salem. The place feels like the lounge at the comfort suites in (name of any big city) or an airport bar. The food is slightly upscale Applebee's fare at 3x the price. I didn't like any of the food we got. Fortunately we had a gift certificate and didn't have to pay too much (expensive!).


The Little Cannolli is a hidden gem. Marco Polo is at it's best at the height of lunch hour - fresh food on a great buffett. La Perla is very good (bit greasy, but good). Pete's Place is supposed to have good food, but every time I go it I just wind up drinking the $1.50 draft beers and miss the kitchen hours - warning this place is very smokey...will take days off your life, but it is the most interesting bar in downtown.

What about the new lounge that went into the old Sports Stop - - Brownstone..looks good from window.

How about the Coffee House on 17th by state street - formerly the Dragonfly?

La Casa Real - on Commerical Street is very good.

Geppetto's is old world, kitch-ky good comfort food.

Cascade Bakery makes great sandwiches.

Anonymous said...

I will give another vote for the new caruso's location. The new location looks great and I have been wanting to check it out. I already know the food will be great. If you pick this make sure you let everyone know a week ahead of time so everyone can get reservations.

Anonymous said...

How about Singley's downtown.

Family frienldy NON-Smoking. It has pool tables and the food is pretty good. THey took over when the big kahuna closed.

just my $3.50 (two cents plus inflation)


KandN said...

Here's their website:

Salem Man said...

Queen of Tarts and The Little Cannoli are a couple of small bakeries in town. Both are really good and off the beaten path. QoT is in downstairs in the library and LC is downstairs in the Reed Opera House.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Caruso's could do an eat salem chef's choice on their menu??? I like the website it will be hard to choose which dinner item is the best.

Salem Dinner Table said...

Queen of Tarts will be closed on Saturday's thru the summer in order to participate in the Salem Saturday Market.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone might mention to the owner of Singley's that:

People going out to a bar that are married don't want to go to a bar called singley's. Sounds like a singles bar.

People going out to a bar that are single and want to meet people, don't want to go to a bar called Singley's. Seems a bit desperate to go to a singles bar.

I know it is named after the owner, but they will not last unless they change the name pronto.

THAT SAID, it looks like a nice place. Just needs to change the name. I'd love to visit, but I can't imagine telling my significant other that I met friends at a singles bar...

Anonymous said...

Stay away from Bentley's if you can. This place started out with a bang, but has went downhill from there.

We had a couple of excellent lunches there, neat menu and all. Then...downhill, poor service, lousy steaks for an expensive dinner. But the worst? I saw my used water being poured into the water pitcher that filled other peoples water!

I contacted the manager for this, and was given a fifty dollar coupon, to forget about it. I haven't been back, not even to spend that fifty dollars. This place is worse than a greasy spoon.

Anonymous said...

Here's a good idea. Go to Jr's Taqueria at the corner of Jefferson and Fairgrounds in N. Salem. They will have plenty of seating available as I always find their business in the evening to be slow. They have very authentic Mexican food with great homemade corn tortillas. Try the chile relleno plate or the carnitas tacos. The fish tacos are also good, as are the chicken sopes. Avoid the enchiladas. Their soups and seafood are only for the brave. If they have the mango aqua fresca, get one to drink. Their horcata is also good. Sometimes they have Mexican Coke made with real cane sugar, not corn syrup. Jr's deserves more recognition as one of the best places to get real Mexican food in Salem (not the gringo "Jalisco style" fare you get at most places in Salem).

My 2 centavos.

KandN said...

They're ALL great choices :>)
The Flight Deck would be fun. Although, a warm summer evening would be perfect for sitting outside in the back. Will we have one of those?

Salem Dinner Table said...

The Ram
Kyoto Japanese
Newport Bay

While I'll bet Caruso's has excellent food and my husband and I will try them someday. However, judging from the on-line menu prices they are very expensive, especially for this area. In my opinion Caruso's might be the type of restaurant most people want to save for a special occasion w/ their spouse, etc. Also, it is a small cafe, so I don't know how many people they seat. I would strongly suggest reservations.

Anonymous said...

I say Bigfoot, since it's new in town.

jeff said...

Went to the Flight Deck as part of a mini-class reunion this past weekend.

Very enjoyable.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sonic we could all wait in line for a half an hour and get 99cent chili dogs

Anonymous said...

How about Geppettos I have heard good things and I think this place needs some more exposure. If this is too small OLD COUNTRY BUFFET is right next door and they may have cheaper prices.

Anonymous said...

Newport Bay is gross.

KandN said...
Okay, THAT does it! NOW I really, really, really want to meet up at Bigfoot. :>)

KandN said...

It's on the calendar!