Eat Salem: Blog Feedback

OK folks, here's your chance to give some us feedback. How can this blog better serve Salem? We'll take into consideration any ideas you may have. Please be honest, even if you think it may hurt our feelings but keep the criticism constructive. Thanks for being loyal readers over the last year and we hope to better serve you in the future.


EazyMoney said...

So far you've done a great job.

I like being updated on the failing scores of restaurants such as the Tin Tin barfet.

The SFNYP coupon is great, and I plan on using it soon.

Salem is only so big, so maybe consider doing more reviews from places like Keizer, Dallas, Albany, Silverton, Stayton, and our smaller towns on the outskirts of Salem.

Other than that, I have no complaints. keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

that SFNY coupon was AWESOME! i took two pies home the other night. what a steal. thank you!

i think you already do a good job with this but i'd love to read more reviews on restaurants that have just opened.

Salem Man said...

thanks Eazy,
I keep my eye on the restaurant scores pretty regularly and haven't seen much action lately. That's good news, the county does a great job educating restaurants how to run a clean shop. As far as a bigger footprint for reviews, I'm considering it but only for interesting locations like Glockenspiel in Mt. Angel. New restaurants are always popular on the blog but opening nights are not always the best time to review a restaurant because it's not a typical day in the life of the business.

Anonymous said...

Like everyone else, I think you've done a great job. My only complaint is the layout. It's a little unfriendly, cluttered, and basic.

But, function over form is more important. So as long as you keep up the good work it's great!

Anonymous said...

Great blog, maybe you can add a rating system like 1-10 with 10 being the best overall. If you wanted to go more indepth, maybe a rating for food, waitstaff, decor etc...

Kristofer said...

I'd like to reviews of some of the more upscale restaraunts in town. Places like J james, Morton's, Old Europe Inn, etc..

Anonymous said...

I would love to see some blogs about the options for food delivery in Salem. I ordered from the Pita Pit the other and they ended up being about 40 minutes late because their fax machine ran out of paper. I guess I shouldn't order online, lol. I have also tried Gowaiters and have had mixed results. A rundown of options would be wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Avoid chain restaurants unless they are new in town AND unfamiliar to the Salem area or Oregon. Avoid fast food places unless they are not chains. Review some of the fancier restaurants in town. Those reviews are sorely lacking on your site. You should definitely review restaurants in Keizer if you haven't all ready done so. Keizer is basically Salem. Also, consider restaurants in Silverton and other satellite towns. Look how popular the pizza place in Stayton is... Also, consider blogging about some of the ethnic markets, farmer's markets, vineyard events, and other food related, non-restaurant businesses and happenings in the city.

Think about redesigning your site. It needs a little something...

I appreciate what you do. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

All I know is that you have this pasta dish on your front page that looks wonderfully fresh and delicious but I've no idea where to go get it *grin* Please let me know! It's pasta with peas and broccoli on a black plate.

Salem Man said...

The pasta is from Willamette Noodle Co. Its a pasta primavera. check out their review. Keep up with the suggestions, I'm getting a lot from this.

Brian D said...

I'm not sure if you are a on man band but would you consider "reader submissions"? I see some people want reviews on uper end places and that can be rather expensive for you. Maybe you could spread the work load. If you can call having great food and great wine work. I am no word smith but I would love to help. Also Are you saving your reciepts for a tax deduction?

K & N said...

I enjoy your fresh, honest approach of reviewing the local restaurants. Several reviewers I've read in the past seem waaay too critical of everything. That's not what I want to spend my free time reading. Negativity grates on my nerves.
Also, thanks for the local photos on your blog's header. Great touch!
There are many different ways to set-up web pages. I see yours as bright, inviting and easy to navigate. Good font size, too.
I apologize for not contributing in the past couple of months. We hope to be joining the dining crowds again soon. In the mean time, I like to read about it. :>) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

No more flashy, blinky ads/buttons please! The reviews have been good. More variety would be good, from the low end to the high end. Taco wagon reviews? :-) Maybe be brave and go back to the bad restaurants a few months later for a follow up?

'laina said...

Maybe include restaurant hours and location within the review?

Salem Man said...

Thanks everyone for the input. Your comments are well received and I plan on adjusting accordingly. First thing I'll do to help people navigate the site better, I'll make more buttons at the top left corner. This will make it more clear how to manuever through the blog. I'm not going to have a rating system because I think it's difficult to compare restaurants that way. A good description and photos should tell the story. I will make more of an effort to dine at some of the upscale restaurants in town but I eat mostly with my family so more casual restaurants will still be the mainstay. As far as venturing outside Salem, that may happen as well. I'm told there's a great Italian place in downtown Indepence that's really good. The flashy, blinking ad was moved down the blog thaks to your suggestion, it bothered me too. Finally, I'll continue to make the links big so that they are easy to click on.

Neil said...

If I am not too late, how about reviewing dishes instead of individual restaurants? In other words, maybe blog the comparison/contrast of hamburgers or pasta dishes or pizzas from competing shops.


EazyMoney said...

So I used the coupon for sfny pizza...

Of course I dutifully filled out my name, phone, and e-mail. Then when I handed it to the guy behind the counter, he looked at it, tore it in half and threw it away. lol. Guess I didn't really need to fill it out after all.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Salem itself, is not quite big enough to keep this thing real active.

I would say, any place that is within driving distance to go and dine at, should be considered.

Even places on the coast, and P.Town. By the way...anyone else a Tidalraves nut? Depoe Bay...

Anonymous said...

The only input I have would be to reconsider anonymous posts. It would be better if folks had to at least sign up, even if they don't have to use their real name.

The New York Pizza coupon is great. We got two pizza's last night for $18 and fed 11 people.

Keep up the good work.

Sometimes Thirsty said...

What about beverages? You have one note on coffee, but there's little discussion of wine lists, beer taps, cocktail menus. Friends recently remarked that all the cocktails they saw in a bar were liqueur + liquor, rather than fresh juice or infusion with liquor. None of the new-school Oregon micro-distilleries were represented, either. Is anyone doing something interesting with beverage service?

Anonymous said...

You're doing great job! Appreciate the recent of reviews of Court St, Casey's and The Arbor. All three are long time locally ownerd staples that should get more coverage than chains like Applebee's or Sonic.

EazyMoney said...

When I mentioned that I'd seen a coupon on Eat Salem at Straight from New York Pizza, they said they still wanted to see one. I mentioned that I had called ahead of time when I ordered it and said I didn't have a printer, but could I still use it. They said O.K.

Then when I got down there different story. I went through the whole story and they finally let me have the pizza for half off.
I mentioned that the previous time I had brought in a coupon all filled out, and the guy just ripped it in half and threw it away.

Maybe its not a good idea to just "mention" that you saw the coupon.

franticallysimple said...

I'd love to see new category tags with location (South Salem, Keizer, Lancaster area, etc.) I was looking for somewhere to eat close to the movie theater, and it would really help if I could peruse by geographical location.

Anonymous said...

An address would be nice! Where is the Juvenile Courts and Detention Center this place is next to?

KandN said...

Dear Anonymous-September 2,-2008-5:27 PM,
I was going to post this with the Fresh Start Market post, but thought you might have a better chance of seeing it here.
3020 Center Street NE
Salem Oregon

Hours & Days of Operation:
Monday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm
Tuesday thru Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(Hours will change seasonally and Saturdays are forthcoming.)

Jonathan said...

Why don't bagel shops survive in Salem? And why do we have to drive to PDX or Monmouth to get a bagel sandwich in the morning. I've been here almost seven months, and I'm jonesing for a good bagel (and not the crappy grocery store variety - even if they are "baked" fresh). When you travel east across the Mississippi River bagel shops are bountiful.

Also I know everyone on this blog is against corporate restaurants, but I you need to go to Chipotle when they open. The burritos are about as big as your head and everything is hormone free and the salsa and chips are made fresh daily.

And I think folks here would be less against some commercial restaurants if more quality businesses opened downtown like J Alexander's you won't find a quality restaurant like it unless you went to PDX and that may be a stretch.


Anonymous said...

It would be helpful to have a standard location in each entry that lists address, phone, price range for entrees, hours, and if the restaurant is family friendly (cigarette smoke? Changing tables? Etc.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing such helpful information.

Regarding the "Blog Feedback" you had requested: My vote would be to deal differently with establishments once they have closed. In my book, it would be fine to simply delete them or if people still might like to see them, perhaps you could moved them to a "Closed" section.

The closed ones that I see still listed are:
Buster's, Dunkin' Donuts, Jonathan's, Lefty's & Pastamichi. (Not positive if Bad Ass Coffee has another location or if it was their sole one that closed.)

Thanks again!

Salem Man said...

that's a good suggestion, i'm working to come up with a solution as we speak.

'laina said...

Wish we had a search option, or maybe "catagories" instead of one long list of retaurants. I've tried a couple of times to look for a new place to try, but get a little overwhelmed wading through all the cafe's and coffee shops, when looking for a sit-down whose open with late hours.

Anonymous said...

I have a few miscellaneous comments:
1. As more and more items get added to the blog, even with my DSL connection, my computer has trouble loading it and recently started to abort about every 5 times.

2. It's also getting hard to sort through everything, and I'm wondering if there is some way to organize things a bit better or perhaps take a poll of readers to see how many REALLY want X, Y or Z to be included, e.g., I'm not a particular fan of the Twitter addition.

3. Numerous readers have suggested you include include some higher end places which I note have slowly been coming through.

In the interim, I wonder what the Statesman-Journal's policy might be about allowing you to link to their compilation of the last couple of years of restaurant reviews at:

4. I think it would help to clear out some of the "deadwood" of closed places or outdated information such as the 2007 State Fair or 2007 Bite of Salem.

5. As minor proofreading matters: Ragin' River does not have a final "g" but uses an apostrophe and Glockenspiel is misspelled on the list:-)

Take care and thanks for all your efforts toward making this a community venue.

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please stop cluttering up the site with non-food/restaurant-related options. It is getting hard to navigate and at times feels like it is simply not worth it.

Also, I'd vote for streamlining the older suggestions for such things as "Where should I eat next?" An entire years's worth of thoughts could be compiled into a simple list and would be much easier to read---once the places have been visited, they could be removed from the suggestion list.

Some of the nastier comments [most recently regarding your experience with Rocky's meatballs] could certainly be time-limited and perhaps eliminated after 1-2 weeks.

Lastly, I'd say ditch the rejected comments category all together. They are depressing, take up too much space and in my opinion are not worth reading.

Thanks for putting up with all of this :-)

Anonymous said...

I would like to see a review of the Red Ginger. It is an Asian infusion style restaurant in Keizer. It occupies the old Caruso's location on River Road. My wife and I have been there twice and it is fantastic. I would like to see them get some much deserved recognition. Excellent service, presentation, food and atmosphere. Please go visit, you will not be disappointed.

mama2dylan said...

Can someone here that has dined at Golden Crown give a review or some details as to the food, favorite dishes, service and cleanliness?

Anonymous said...

I would like to give a review of a restaurant in Keizer, although it is not open to anyone under 21, they have great food and service, with affordable prices. Check out AJ's Hideaway located next to US Bank in the back.

Anonymous said...

mama2dylan..... i LOVE golden crown! it's my favorite chinese food in town. their prices rock, their food is prepared exactly how i think it should be (others will probably disagree, but that's my opinion), and they are FAST. you will get a steaming hot plate in front of you in what seems like only moments.

the restaurant leaves something to be lacking in ambiance perhaps, but i have never felt that it was dirty. i eat there every couple of months and have been for years.

if you'd like to know what the city thinks of their cleanliness, click here:

seriously give them a try! so good. man..... i want chinese food now :)

Anonymous said...

Love this site for the info and opinions. However, it takes a long time to load (I have high speed cable). Maybe de-clutter the main page a bit? The worst is when I click on the comments and have to wait for everything to load there and then again when I go back to the main page. Maybe just have 1 banner ad at the top that rotates and reduce the Twitter feeds or move them to their own page? Ads in general are annoying on blogs, but they are bearable if they are not so intrusive.

All that said, I'll reiterate that the info is great. Keep up the good work team!

Salem Man said...

Thanks for the feedback. Things seem to load quickly on my cable modem. There are changes on the way to the front page that may help your situation. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

I love this site, it is loading perfectly OK on my cable internet.

By the way, with strawberry season upon us, here's a warning - today (Friday) I bought a flat of strawberries at the stand in the parking lot of the old Albertson's on south commercial...

Sad to say, when I got them home I found that they were nearly all over the hill, with at least half of them already slimy and mushy.

Next time I'll go to my old standby at the Tire place on Liberty.

KandN said...

The drive out to Nanneman's or Easy Orchards or ? isn't really that far, if you're out running errands anyway.
I had an eye opener the other day when we spotted one of the produce trucks parked at their residence in an apartment complex. I used to think the trucks were from a farm.

Thomas Nevermoore said...

I definitely have to agree with 'laina above having some straight forward categories such as "mexican, japanese, cafes" would be great. Also I understand your opposition to rating restaurants in relation to each other, but something like a "Would Recommend" rating at the top of each post would be very helpful especially when trying to quickly find a great new place to try for dinner!

Thanks for the great site

Anonymous said...

I continue to enjoy the EatSalem blog but also continue to have problems with smooth access. We cannot get cable where we live, and even though I have DSL, the loading process takes forever and frequently aborts. I’m not technologically savvy enough to suggest a solution, but would hope something might be done for your non-cable readers.

In response to your request for feedback, I had a few thoughts about some possible streamlining:
1. There are a number of closed restaurants on your list which might either be deleted or placed in a separate list. The comments seem to become irrelevant for places that are no longer in business such as Buster’s, Lefty’s, Roxxy, Maui Grill, Maverick’s, MiNa’s, Pastamichi, The Arbor CafĂ©, etc

2. Some redundancies brought on by naming/spelling variations might well be combined (Josey’s & Josey’s Restaurant; Macleay & Macleay Country Inn; San Sei & Sansei; Soba, Asian Bistro & Soba Asian Bistro; The Sassy Onion & Sassy Onion, the misspelled “Tahi” Fusion & Thai Fusion, etc.)

3. I cast my vote with the people who are comfortable extending the geographical boundaries to the “Salem-area” and include possibilities in Stayton, Silverton, Independence and other easily drivable locations. We live in the South Salem Hills and are actually closer to Albany restaurants than those in, say, Keizer.

4. I think the all-inclusive list has gotten unwieldy and might suggest adding barebones categories such as “Restaurants,” “Fast Food/Chains,” “Coffee Places,” “Food-related enterprises” (grocery stores, Canby Asparagus Farm, etc.) & Events/ Miscellaneous (billiards, First Wednesday, Westbank Summer Solstice Festival, The Bite of Salem, State Fair, etc.)

5. Purely as a personal preference, I do not feel the “rejected comments” merit the space they are given.

Thanks encore for all the time and energy you have put into this endeavor.

Salem Man said...

Can I suggest trying Mozilla Firefox as your web browser to see if that helps load the site quicker. I believe it works faster then IE. You can download a copy of Mozilla from

KandN said...

Anon, I'm curious about which Albany restaurants you frequent most often and why.

Anonymous said...

Hi KandN,
In answer to your Albany restaurants question:

Our favorite place is Sybaris---excellent high-end food. Those same folks have opened Clemenza’s (Italian) with 1-2 other places in the works (Bamboo Diner and Boccherini’s I believe).

Soon to open is Vault 244 with one of the chefs from Silver Grille, and I’ve heard a positive review of Shawn’s on First.

Novak’s is certainly good but a little of that heavy of food goes a long way…more of a once-in-a-while venture.

Heading further south to Corvallis, Le Bistro and Big River have interesting, well-executed food. I’m willing to drive a quite a way good food :-)

KandN said...

Anon, Thanks for the great tips! I've heard about Sybaris. I was curious as to whether the restaurant was as good as their website makes it sound. Have you tried Wildfire (formerly Intaba's) in Corvallis?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find a good sandwich in downtown Salem? We'll be there this afternoon. Thanx doug

mama2dylan said...


Try Queen of Tarts on the lower level of the Salem Public Library. Their menu is at the bottom of the web page

Anonymous said...

Hi KandN (again),
No, I hadn’t realized Intaba’s had closed---does Wildfire still use the woodburning oven?

I do not wish to start a flame-war…and this will be the only mention…but in case anyone else is interested in South-of-Salem dining, Chowgeeks has space devoted to both Albany & Corvallis restaurants:

Here’s a link to Corvallis restaurants:

and (I think) this is the one for Albany

BTW, In addition to Le Bistro, the same folks own Aqua (Seafood) and Terzo (Italian).
I was sorry to see Iovino had closed; perhaps Terzo will take up the slack.
Stay dry!

KandN said...

I don't know whether Wildfire still uses the woodburning oven, but it's my understanding the restaurant changed in name only. Sad about Iovino!