Fantasy Food

On a recent trip to So Cal, there's one place that I absolutely had to go to, In-N-Out Burger. Los Angeles is a city, like Portland, with great eateries at the gourmet and fast food levels. In-N-Out has the simplest of menu's, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, french fries, soda and milk shakes. The "Double Double" is what everyone orders, it's a double cheeseburger. It's the best overall, fast food, burger from a chain restaurant on the west coast. Sorry Burgerville. Some might say that The Original Tommy's Burger in LA is better, but their burgers are greasier and come with chili, which makes it a less healthy product. As luck would have it, I made it to LAX early on my way back and had time to stop at this In-N-Out on Sepulveda Blvd near the airport. I was so anxious to bite into this Double Double that I took one bite before I remembered to snap a photo. So I turned the bite to the back and snapped this shot. It was as good as always. I wish I could order ten of them, freeze them and eat them on special occasions like a midnight snack.
On the flight back, I got to thinking about what I would give up to have an In-N-Out Burger in Salem. Sort of like one of those fantasy sports drafts. I thought which local restaurant could I trade for an In-N-Out. In-N-Out is an all star caliber restaurant so I don't think Burger Basket would be a fair trade. Lumping together some of our second string restaurants like Los Arcos , The Old Spaghetti Warehouse and Pastamichi might not be a fair trade either. They'd probably ask for Straight From New York Pizza but I don't think I'd be willing to give up one of our best restaurants for a burger joint. How about Lefty's on Commercial? I'd hate to see it go but I haven't been going there much since SFNY opened up the road. What about a draft pick? Say we will no longer petition a Trader Joe's coming to Salem? Let's put everything on the table. How about the Riverfront Carousel and the Convention Center for an In-N-Out Burger, a Trader Joe's, and a baseball stadium downtown where the Volcanoes can play. Just for fun, what kind of trade would you make for your favorite restaurant?


Anonymous said...

i dont know what i'd give to have one, but man i love me some in-n-out.


its been too long since i've been to california!

Anonymous said...

Really? You thought it was that good? What about it makes it stand out for you? My hubs and I went to San Diego a couple of summers ago, and tried it for the first time *cuz of the hype* and were disappointed. We both agreed Burgerville was better (at least the double beef cheeseburger w/ special sauce is) because it brings something different to the table. In and Out tasted like something I'd make at home. Maybe that's the appeal?

jeff said...

In-N-Out was the last place I grabbed food at on my way out of Las Vegas last week... ate it at the airport.

Ya'll do know about the secret menu, right?

You can order the fries Animal Style too.

Anonymous said...

I'd give up all three: mc donalds, burger king and dairy queen for a white castle!

Anonymous said...

I would give up every fast food place in town for a white castle

Anonymous said...

There is a Sonic opening on South Lancaster near Walgreens. I've heard good things about them, but I've never been.

I'm not too fond of fast food anyways, but I'd give them a try once they open.

jeff said...

I saw an "Open" sign on the new Sandwich Express location in Mission St. where the old Curly's Dairy used to be.

Anyone know anything about them?

KandN said...

I've been curious if this is the same Sandwich Express that came into town about 10? years ago. One was in the same place the south Schlostzky's was and another was near where the Carl's Jr. is now on Lancaster and Rickey?. Their buildings looked like an older house and were always painted yellow. One may be a Thai restaurant in Keizer now. They left as quickly as they arrived.

EazyMoney said...

The best the about in-n-out burger is cutting off the b and the r from the bumpersticker and putting it in the back of your car.

We're getting a sonic? WOO HOO

Much better than in-n-out and white castle. Or crystal for that matter.

I remember the old sandwich expresses.. not bad.. they had a great french dip.. (they called it a new york dip though)

Anonymous said...

Ok. Let's set the record straight. In and Out is THE BEST FAST FOOD HAMBURGER!!!

Reasons??? They don't own freezer, all their beef is fresh. They make their own buns. They hand leaf their lettuce. They don't get it pre-shredded in bags. They wash,cut, and fry their own fresh potatoes for the fries.

Their menu is limited. Burgers, fries, drinks. No crappy ground up chicken stuffs, no limp tacos, no fake Italian sandwiches. They don't cater to fads. They also don't cater to people with kids that have to have toys to play on while you dine. This is great food, fresh, and hot, and served by people of all colors, who all look fresh scrubbed, and get paid a decent wage, along with benefits. And, they have all been trained. Something you won't find at McDonalds, Burger King or any other fast food joint.

As far as Sonic...they are a drive in. They are good, if you have a good manager. But they are never burn your mouth hot, like In and Out's. And sometimes, the burgers just are put together with no care. A dab of mustard here, a bit of onion there, and that's it. In and Outs are always good, because they are all managed like a well oiled machine.

By the way, I just had a double double today, in Redding. My husband animal styled his double double. Great stuffs. Can hardly wait for another road trip. I feel like gambling...they have them in Reno now!!! Anyone want some good eats???

Salem Man said...

Right on!