Dunkin Daylight Daynight

Update 3-24-08
Our friends at the donut shop formerly known as Dunkin' Donuts seem to be suffering from an identity crisis. The folks who work over there are kind, hard working people and I've enjoyed their pastries many times over the years. In the last couple of weeks we have seen them go from a nationally known chain, Dunkin' Donuts, to the lesser known Daylight Donuts, to what is now called Daynight Donuts. They haven't even taken down the advertisements for the Dunkin Donuts iced coffee and they've already gone through two name changes. I'm guessing that they put up the name Daylight Donuts either before they inked a deal with that franchise or they didn't realize it was a franchise. So now the easy way out is to change one letter on the sign making up a word that is an antonym of itself. Is this our newest Commercial Street embarrassment or is there a new name in the works. I think it's our duty as the Eat Salem blog to help this restaurant come up with a name that the community will embrace. Let's start with "Salem Donuts." A google search shows a place in Salem Virginia has that name, I don't think they'd mind one on this coast. They could go with "Day/Night Donuts" and play off the 24 hour theme, kind of like "AM/PM." That may be a graceful way out of their current predicament. How about "Willamette Donuts?" Here's my favorite, "The Hole Donut."

Update 3-16-08
Sorry to bore you with donut details but I went in there today to see what was going on. Dunkin Donuts has changed it's name to Daylight Donuts. The store owner said that it was getting too expensive to keep the Dunkin Donut franchise, the last one on the west coast. It looks like Dunkin Donuts corporate is getting into personal pizzas and flatbread sandwiches to go along with their coffee and donuts. I always liked it that it was a Dunkin Donuts, they have good coffee and a great selection of pastries. Somehow it wouldn't be the same if I showed up one morning to find them selling pepperoni pizza pies. There's a phrase that comes to mind here. "Jack of all trades, ace of none." I'm sad to see Dunkin go away, but hopefully they will be able to concentrate on making great donuts. I guess this means total local control of donuts now in Salem. Maybe this will send a message to Krispy Kreme that us folks over here in Salem Oregon are independent minded and we're happy with our non chain donut stands and our three Walmarts.

Name Change, Dunkin Donuts on Commercial Street is now called Daylight Donuts. I saw it the other day and wanted to get in there. The paper beat me to it.
Daylight Donut

Does this mean changes in the donuts or coffee? I hope not.


Anonymous said...

As far as I know from reading articles about the change is the coffee will be a different brand but the donuts will be the same probably with some name changes due to legal issued. The owner said he had been making dunkin donuts for over 20 years and doesn't need their help to keep making them. He also said he will be adding some things to the menu. The change comes from his contract expiring and they wanted so costly changes for him to renew his contract with Dunkin. Please don't quote me on this as it is just what I have read in various different articles.

Anonymous said...

Daylight Donuts is a different chain than Dunkin' -- I work with a guy who used to run the Daylight franchise in Newport. We've got several Daylight Donut locations in NW Arkansas and their donuts are generally really good. It will be interesting to see if they switch over (it looked like the Dunkin varieties on the racks), as they could run into some legal issues from both sides if they don't.

Anonymous said...

"we're happy with our non chain donut stands and our three Walmarts."

Haha that's great.

Anonymous said...

has anyone noticed the sign now says "Daynight Donuts"?

maybe that Daylight Donuts chain got a whiff of what was going on in Salem. interesting. what's worse, the name Daynight is so similar to Daylight, it's going to take me forever to get it right now!

EazyMoney said...

lol Nice one letter name change..

I think they should call the place "The donut hole." rather than the hole donut.

They could always make a two letter name change and call it "Gayfight donuts".

Or how about "waytight donuts"

Say right?

Anonymous said...

Dunkin doughnuts are very good.

Krispy Kreme is fun to go and watch, but they just have way too much sweet glazing on them. And not much else.

Too bad about Dunkin Doughnuts, though. They were and are terrific. There's a place in Long Beach California we like...called Dr. Yee's. Yes, Dr. Yee's. Take two doughnuts and call me in the morning. (By the way, there was a Krispy Kreme, a block away from us, and we only went there when out of towners came around!)

Anonymous said...

I vote for GayFight Donuts ^_^

Anonymous said...

I lived in Gainesville, Florida, where one of the first Krispy Kreme donut shops is (I think it's like #12 or 13 of the whole franchise) and they have this humongous neon sign that sits about 40 feet in the air that advertises when the donuts are hot. Here's the deal. You have to get there when they are right off the conveyor belt. They are insanely good. Re-heating them and eating them after they have sat in that glaze is just nasty. If you get them super-hot (they are almost too hot to hold), the glaze has mostly dripped off of them and they are not too sweet. The ones they let cool to put in the display or to box to sell later - they put through a cooling system that allows too much of the glaze to sit on them and they get sickly sweet. I think the really old shops are the only ones I've seen that serve them really hot off the conveyor.

I wish there was a good pastry shop in town that served other sweet rolls other than donuts. I wonder if these owners have plans to carry anything other than the standard donut fare?

Anonymous said...

Daylight Donuts is not a franchise, they required "License Fees" which you have to buy products from them directly from Oklahoma only. Daylight Donuts make every thing fresh in the morning, normally started at 1 am for the first sale at 5am. They've got very good coffe and products. I just open one of the store.

Unknown said...

A lot of Donut shops are dropping the franchise. All four of the Flint michigan shops are now local shops. The sad thing is that all four use horrible low grade coffee now. If it wasn't for their coffee I'd never step foot into a donut shop. I hate donuts! They should create a separate Franchise so any mom and pop store or market can see their coffee.

Anonymous said...

I'm down in the south end of Oregon. This past Thursday our son *a long haul trucker* stopped to get a dozen of the strawberry cream filled donuts for us. As of two days later they're all gone. I forgot to save the white box with the phone number on the top. It did say DayNight donuts on the lid. I don't see an address or phone number in this commentary or I'd phone and ask them to ship me a box of them. We've stopped at Dunkins for well over 30 yrs as the kids grew up.

Anonymous said...

DAYNIGHT DONUTS is a Local favorite,made fresh twice daily, we use best local ingridients for our famous donuts. We carry more donuts then any chain in country. Our donuts are the best if you dont agree come and try one. or better yet ask someone who have tried our products. We have 54 different donuts to choose from, we have 14 different varieties of donut holes. We are serving the best coffee in town ask our regular coffee drinkers. Our daynight regular roast is 100% arabica coffee that is roasted locally. Some customers cant even tell different from our roast to Dunkin coffee. We also serve Espresso line latte, mocha and cappuccino, specialty drinks that people crave for. How about Iced coffee or Latte, or Mochas. We are getting lots of request if we are going to bag our coffee up and sell the coffee beans or coffee grounds by pound. Which we are working on to get you the best in pound so you can brew it at home.
It has been over 18 month since name change come see us and let us know if we can not satisfy your creving.
By the way we now sell Buiscuits and Gravvy, Which is very popular. We are still open 24 hours a day. 503-362-3380.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh the biscuits and gravy are sooooo delicious