Where should we eat next?

Let's pick a place and all go there one night in the near future. I'm taking suggestions. Let's go somewhere that has a special or a good deal one night. Here's my suggestions.
Willamette Noodle Co. We could pack the place.
Maverick's, I haven't been there yet.
White's, Maynards Meatloaf.
The Old Spaghetti Warehouse, Is the duct tape still there?
Straight From New York Pizza, We could pack the place.
Josey's, People on this blog seem to love it.
Tong King, We can overcome our fears.
Jake's Bar and Grill, They claim to have the best burgers in Salem.

Last time we did this, around fifty people made it all the way out to Stayton to dine at Apizza. In Salem, who knows how many will show up? I'm tentatively thinking March 1st for dinner. What do you think? Comment or send me an email at


jeff said...

I couldn't make March 1st, probably. Army Reserve drill weekend.

Come to think of it, March is pretty much a scheduling wash. Go someplace I wouldn't like. :)

Anonymous said...

Why don't you make it a monthly night out? That would be a great way to support our local (no chains!) restaurants. Everyone could vote for the restaurant of the month. For this month, I vote for Tong King, never been there but I always want to try it.

Anonymous said...

I'am going to say Josey's. But their only open till 2pm on Saturdays, awesome breakfast&lunch usually packed at breakfast time. Fridays they do an unbelievable steak dinner till 8 pm. I would let the owners know if you pick a smaller restaurant so they can prepare, and on the plus side they will probably make some specials

Anonymous said...

A good friend of mine who is Thai said that Thai Beer on Lancaster is most authentic thai place in Salem. If not eating there this month, maybe it could at least be reviewed. I'm going to try it, for one.

Anonymous said...

I love march 1st everyone should be have the money to go out... as far as places to eat I have never been to any of them.

Anonymous said...

March 1st is a great Idea. How about a place that really shows what salem has to offer? And I agree NO CHAINS!!

Brian D

Anonymous said...

Wifi is great. Even though we're stuck by circumstances beyond our control in Portland (or wherever), part of the normal routine is possible. :>)
I vote for Tong King or Willamette Noodle and hope to be able to make it there.

Salem Man said...

I'm really leaning toward Tong King, mostly out of a spirit of adventure. First I, going to have to convince the super delegates(my family) to go there. Does anyone know the owners? Would they be able to accommodate us? Is this really where you want to go?

Anonymous said...

It looks like Tong King is it, but next time you ought to pick Jr's Taqueria. They could use the business. I have been going there for years and am surprised that it still has yet to be discovered. Must be the odd location. Here's what to order: chili relleno plate, fish tacos, carnitas tacos, chicken sopes. Stay away from the typical Americano fare like enchiladas (not bad, but not great). Get the mango aqua refresca to drink, or, if they have them, the real Mexican Cokes (with real cane sugar not corn syrup like American Coke). All the tortillas (corn and flour) are homemade and yummy. Check it out.