Eat Salem Night at Tong King Saturday March 1st, 7pm

So I went into Tong King tonight to let them know what was happening on Saturday. The place is small and modest, you'll be able to do a hat head count from almost any table in the restaurant. I told the woman at the counter that some friends of mine would be dining there Saturday night. When she asked "how many?" I said "I don't know, 10 maybe 20." Then I asked if she had a computer. She said no. Then I asked if her children had computers. "Yes" she said. So I wrote down on a business card and handed it to her. I said, "have your children look this website up." She looked at me puzzled and went to help another customer.

Saturday night should be interesting to say the least.

Yes, Tong King. The spirit of this blog is to try new places around town. Sometimes those new places are in older places we haven't looked. Tong King Garden has been in Salem for many years and has survived despite it's odd architecture. You're probably saying to yourself, "Salem Man has lost his mind, no way am I eating at this joint." Believe me, it'll be monumental for me to walk through the Tong King door, but, I don't recall anywhere on this blog of anyone saying something negative about this place. What will be interesting about this experiment is to read peoples' comments afterward about their experience. How each of us can look at the same thing and see it from our own perspectives. It'll be worth the price of a dinner. So here's the deal, go there Saturday night March 1st around 7pm. To signify you are an Eat Salem reader, have someone at your table wear a hat. Just a hat, any type and when you see someone else wearing a hat, look them in the eye and smile. My wife thought it would be funny if everyone wore a carnation but that may be asking a lot. If you want to wear a flower instead of a hat that's ok too. The rules here are pretty loose. I'll go in this week and alert the owners that we'll be coming and see if they have any deals. I'll try to work out something where we put a penny in an envelope to do an Eat Salem head count. Invite your family and friends it's all anonymous and fun. Just remember, hat/carnation, eyes, smile and we'll have a good time no matter what. See you there.

989 12th St Se


Anonymous said...


Salem Man said...

James Bond in a tuxedo, baseball cap and a carnation. See you there.

DancingMooney said...

Hehee... sounds like fun, i'll have to see if we can make it!

Anonymous said...

We've ate there several times and like it as well as any Chinese food in Salem. It is a hidden gem - you have to stumble upon it.

Anonymous said...

You know what would be fun?
If we all took pictures and shared them with salem man. Then maybe he could do some sort of montage here on eat salem, with everyones different views.. This should be a good one!!

Salem Man said...

i'm bringing my camera.