Cover me, I'm going in

So here we go, Saturday night, Tong King Garden. Get a hat out and bring your camera. This place has been in business here for 24 years so they must be doing something right. No worries about a language barrier, all the items on the menu are numbered and written in both English and Chinese. I'll probably try the Won Ton Soup #13 and the Kung Pao Chicken #47 for $8. Glazed Bananas for dessert. When I think of Chinese food, I always think of Chinatown in San Francisco.
7pm, Tong King Garden
989 12th St SE


Anonymous said...

you know what would be fun?
if everyone wrote down their email address and gave it to the owner, then the owner gives it to salem man, and then salem man randomly chooses 1 email address from the bunch and that person gets to choose what place us eat salemites will visit next!

Salem Man said...

Or, you could send me an email directly with your suggestions and I'll throw a dart at my computer to pick one at random.