Amadeus Cafe

Amadeus has moved:
135 Liberty St
Salem , OR 97301
Tues - Thurs 11AM - 9PM
Fri - Sat 11AM - 11PM
Closed Sunday & Monday

Reviewed By K&N 7/10/08
Whenever our group meets at Amadeus for lunch, my blood pressure automatically goes up a little. My subconscious is sure we're headed
for a doctor appointment. Why? Because the cafe is surrounded by doctor's offices. Several years ago, Amadeus occupied the downstairs
of the Salem Library, where Queen of Tarts is now. Then they moved to the First Pacific Corporation building, south of The Doctor's Clinic,
just off of Skyline Rd. on Skyline Loop.
When we arrived at 11:30 AM, there were two or three other groups also meeting for lunch. We sat down at a table for five, in their high-backed, cushioned chairs. The waitress immediately brought us water and menus. Their lunch menu is three and a half pages long, but since all but one of us have been there before, it didn't take us long to select one of our favorites. I started off the ordering with my half of a "Rolled Chicken" with a green salad, next was a Spinach Salad, then a Cordon Bleu Wrap with hummus, a Beef Philly with hummus and finally their TBA (turkey, bacon & avocado on a croissant) with a green salad. We enjoyed a chatty visit with each other while we waited for our food to arrive.
About 15-20 minutes later, our meals were brought out. Tucked inside my tomato basil tortilla, were some tender, juicy, chunks of delicately seasoned baked chicken, a light coating of pesto, provolone, lettuce and tomato. It was easy to eat, not overfilled, nor did it fall apart in my hands. I love the tang of the dressing they put on their green salad - plus the fact they don't use iceberg lettuce. The friend who ordered the Beef Philly (her all time favorite), remarked during lunch, "I've never had a meal here I didn't enjoy." When you're seated inside the friendly, relaxing, and stylish ambiance of Amadeus, it's easy to forget you're surrounded by doctor's offices. The tab for my half a Rolled Chicken with a green salad and an iced tea came to $6.95, the Spinach Salad - $10.95, the Beef Philly - $10.50, the TBA - $9.50 and the Cordon Bleu Wrap - $8.95.

Amadeus Cafe
5121 Skyline Village Loop S
(503) 362-8830
Hours: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Mondays-Wednesdays,
11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Thursdays-Fridays and 5 to 9 p.m. Saturday

Reviewed by Salem Man 2/20/08
Not too often do you go out to a restaurant and are truly impressed by the service of the bus boy. Maybe we just never notice the hard work and the hustle because we're busy soaking in the ambiance and conversing with the server. At the Amadeus Cafe, the young man who was serving our table was really on the ball. I almost don't even want to call him a bus boy. He was like a second tier waiter. Before my empty water glass hit the table, this guy was already waiting with a refill pitcher. Now that's service. He actually seemed to genuinely care about our opinions about the food, as if he was going to go in the back and telling the chef. When I see someone in a restaurant that shows pride in what they do, no matter what the task, I know that the owner has the same pride in the establishment. Almost always this translates into a friendly atmosphere and good service.
Amadeus Cafe is an upscale restaurant in South Salem with white tablecloths and classical music. It's located in an office building across the street from Kaiser Permanente at the intersection of Skyline and Kuebler. I've driven by this many times and only recently figured out where it is. Basically if you head south on Skyline past Kuebler look for the Amadeus sign and turn left. It's an odd location for a restaurant but at night there's plenty of parking. I imagine during the day it's a popular lunch spot for doctors and patients visiting the HMO next door.
For dinner, most entrees are between $15 and $25 and includes a soup or salad. I ordered the Shrimp and Scallop Alfredo and a house salad with blue cheese dressing for $19. My wife ordered the Caesar and we both commented on how delicious the salad dressing was. Centered in my Alfredo dish was a spoonful of pesto sauce. The basil and garlic sauce mixed in perfectly with the buttery Alfredo, and enhanced by juicy bites of seafood. The noodles were a bit overcooked for my taste and the portion was small. Aside from that, it was a terrific meal.
The restaurant is quiet and warm, with comfortable seating, perfect for dinner conversation. One issue we had was the lighting above our table was a bit bright. When we looked around to other tables, some had no light at all.
Overall, Amadeus should be on your short list next time you go out for a date night or have friends in town to impress.

5121 Skyline Village Loop S
(503) 362-8830


K & N said...

How was the hummus? They did start you off with hummus, didn't they? I'd be sad if they stopped that. I've heard from several people that their mac and cheese is THE best ever, but once I'm there something else tempts me.

Anonymous said...

Have eaten there a number of times. Great food and service, but be sure you have a lot of time to spend there as they are very slow.

K & N said...

That's one of the things that appeals to me - how slow and relaxed a place it is. Sometimes I get peeved feeling like a restaurant wants me in and out in a short period of time. We go to Amadeus when we're celebrating (birthdays, anniversaries), it becomes an evening of food, wine, talk, great food and service.

Anonymous said...

When we eat out for fine dining, I'm not in a hurry. Fast is for a quick lunch. So I usually allow lots of time for a nice dinner. This place sounds great, will have to try it.

Vegan's Nightmare said...

My wife and I have been there a couple of times and absolutely love it. It comes in a very close second to our favorite dinner spot in Salem (Old Europe Inn). The hummus is the best I've ever had -- it's pretty garlicky, so be sure that if one person at your table eats it, everyone eats it.

Resist the temptation to say that the Mac 'n' Cheese is a kid's dish -- I promise you it will be one of the best (if not THE best) you've ever had.

SareBear said...

Don't forget to add "Amadeus Cafe" to your list of review links. :>)

Texas Ambassador said...

Absolutely great food. Slow? They are so slow, that is the number one reason I very rarely visit this place. Seriously. I spent 2 hours the last time I was there ordering, eating and paying. That said, this is some of the best food in Salem, Oregon - restaurant wasteland capital of the Pacific Northwest.

Salem Girl said...

We tried out Amadeus after reading the good reviews. I had a special "California Pizza" and he had the scallop dish. The small portion of hummus, served as an appetizer, was good, but the chips seemed straight from Costco. The salad was totally unimaginative--a bare helping of mixed greens like I buy at Walmart--on a plate with a side of dressing and nothing else; no tomato, no cucumber, nothing. And I think $22 is a bit much to pay for meal of 3 scallops.

Anonymous said...

Hands down best restaurant, great ambience, we had a rehearsal dinner here and it was the best price, all meals to absolutely die for. (I ate there 3 times prior to.)

I am originally from D.C. and a gourmet trained cooked, so I know a great restaurant with professionals.

No complaints. We'll do another rehearsal dinner there in summer 08 if the price is right and the management is the same.

Anonymous said...

Hi. My name is Alena and I manage the front of the house. I work at Amadeus. Thank you so much for all of your positive comments. I just wanted to say a few things about our establishment.
We are a family run business. We treat our employees and customers as such. I do admit that our service is slightly slow- but that is done so that you might enjoy our food, ambiance and the company of your companions. If you would like "express", please let us know, and we will make it happen.
As far as serving size, I guarantee you will not leave hungry. For instance, the scallops we serve are wild, and the serving size is eight ounces, that is a half a pound!
For all the people who already support us, thank you! For those who haven't tried- come and visit your new favorite place!

KandN said...

Hi Alena, I'm glad you found us :>)
Is the new website up and ready yet?

Anonymous said...

We are getting the last few things nailed down and then it should be up. I am guessing labor day weekend! One of the cool features is you'll be able to click on a menu item and see what it looks like. Thanks for the interest.

KandN said...

Thanks Alena! I'll send it to Salem Man as soon as you email the link to me.

Anonymous said...

Hello! We have the site up!
It is FANTASTIC! There are pictures of entree choices, salads, desserts, wedding cakes, etc. Come visit

KandN said...

Ah! Tis indeed a lovely site! It hasn't been that long since I last ate and now after watching your catering slide show I feel hungry again . . .

Alena said...

Hello! Hope you are enjoying the snow. Just letting you know we will be doing a special 4 course dinner for New Years Eve. It will be delicious :)

Anonymous said...

I went here for the first time this past week, and I was so impressed. The service was amazing, but the food was even better. I had a polenta and veggie dish, and it was the best dish I have had in a Salem restaurant. The two others with me loved their food as well, especially the spinach salad. I cannot wait to go back!

oh, and the hummus they give as a started was excellent! YUM!

Anonymous said...

Mill Creek Station & Catering is the best little spot in town! The staff is wonderful, the food delicious and the service great! Lots of variety. Several daily soup offerings. Coffee, Espresso, scones, muffins, bagels and fresh baked cookies that are just delightful not to mention HUGE. Lisa is the owner/operator. She is a gracious hostess and trains her staff very well. Salem should be proud to have such a wonderful locally owned cafe.

Anonymous said...

We went to Amadeus this last Saturday night for the first time. The name "Amadeus Cafe" is deceiving, because the atmosphere/pricing is that of a fancier restaurant. It took 20+ minutes for the waitress to acknowledge us, bring drinks, and get appetizer orders. It was another 20+ minutes to be served the appetizers, and we also put in our entree orders at that time. Both my husband and our friend ordered the steak, but they came out as the brisket, and the waitress seemed hardly phased and we had to ask her to remedy it, instead of her offering to do so. We had a bit of a time crunch so instead of waiting around for the steaks, we asked for the meals to be taken off our ticket, and it was done and we got the heck out of there! Terrible service, and our water glasses were filled only once even though 3 servers were working and the restaurant was only 1/2 full. I'd give the restaurant a D+.

Chuck Bradley said...

I had lunched here before when they had first opened several years ago. For some reason, it kind of dropped off my radar. This is a very pleasantly appointed restaurant. Although slightly overtaxed, my server did an exceptional job. I had "La Mac & Cheese". (bread was provided upon my request) What an adventure in rich goodness! In fact, I think next time I come; I'll bring friend and split an order as a side to a sandwich or some other dish. A lone diner cannot not eat it all, but it's very rich. This is a great place. The owners really need to staff the lunch hour a little more heavily. The one an only server managed to stay just left of "redline", but barely.