Super Bowl Salem

Where to watch the Super Bowl in Salem Oregon

I changed my mind about what I was thinking earlier in the morning.

What was I thinking? To suggest that you order a $5 pizza when we live in a city that has at least five excellent choices for pizza. You may not be able to order from one of these places online, but I will guarantee it will taste much better than Domino's or Pizza Hut.

Walery's Premium Pizza
West Salem - (503) 362-6858

North Salem - (503) 378-0345
South Salem - (503) 370-7556
Straight From New York Pizza
Downtown (503) 581-5863
South (503)363-SFNY

Christo's (closed Sunday)
North East Salem (503) 371-2892

Donatello's Pizza
3981 Commercial St SE

What I said earlier...
Judging by our poll, our readers aren't willing to brave the stormy weather to watch the Super Bowl at a local sports bar. I don't blame you. The best place to watch the game is on the couch at home. This is actually one of those times where a $5 pizza works great, maybe order some buffalo wings, chips and salsa. Don't forget a cold beer. Domino's Pizza has a way to order a pizza online and track it. The Salem Man Super Bowl ritual is to do projects around the house in the morning and afternoon, shower, pick up the pizzas and hopefully miss all the hours of annoying pre-game shows. If I time it right, I hit the couch halfway through the first quarter. After about three or four slices and a couple of beers, my championship nap kicks in. Halfway through the fourth quarter I happily awaken and ask if there were any halftime wardrobe malfunctions that I should be aware of. At this point, I look at the score, see that there's no possible chance for a last second comeback, and turn off the tube.

It seems impossible to improve upon this yearly football ritual, but if I were to head out in Salem, where should I go? Is there any sports bars out there with great deals on beer and finger food? How about a place that has the largest or the most high definition TV's. Let us know where to go.

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