The Wild Pear

On a recent trip downtown to the Wild Pear for lunch, I ordered the turkey and havarti sandwich and a cup of coconut curry squash soup. The sandwich had a tangy herbed mayonnaise and was served on foccacia. I'd never tried their squash soup, but now that I have, I'll be getting it often. It was great combination of spicy and sweet. The soups vary frequently, though the coconut curry squash soup is on the daily menu. I've tried the clam chowder and found it tasty and different from the usual chowders you can find on the coast. Theirs was much thinner, more like a soup than chowder, with large chunks of clams and potatoes.
Some days the lunch rush can be hectic and finding a table can be nearly impossible. And since you place your order at one counter, then pay and get your drinks at another, by the time you're ready to look for a table, there often aren't any left. Sometimes they seem short a staff person, which means that tables don't get wiped down or dishes removed quickly enough for customers waiting for a table.
I'm glad the Wild Pear going strong in their downtown location. I was surprised to see their South River Road location close this summer. According to their website though, the downtown location will soon be open for dinner.
Reviewed by JCB


Anonymous said...

DID you go after they remodeled? They added 35 more seats last week.

Anonymous said...

I loved their River Road location. The Frenchmen's Platter was the perfect lunch. I've never tried the downtown location but I just received a gift certificate so I will be giving it a try soon.

Jill said...

I don't see a reference to where the Wild Pear is located.

Anonymous said...

I think this place needs a new review! Until last weekend, I hadn't been there since it was the order-at-the-counter place mentioned above and I didn't really care for it that much. I'm also not such a fan of girly, "lite" lunches, or quiche of any sort. Or overpriced, presumptuous food.

But Saturday was a date with my mom and the Wild Pear is where she wanted to eat. What a pleasant surprise! The booths are comfortable, we had friendly service even though the Saturday noon hour had the place almost entirely full... and the food was fantastic! My mom had the ham and brie sandwich, which came toasted between focaccia bread. She loved it. I had the BLT with avacado -- genius! The only thing to improve my favorite-ever sandwich could be my favorite-ever fruit, avacado. It was so good. It also had fresh basil leaves sandwiched in there, and the bacon was thick and not kidding around. Delicious. Our sandwiches came with Kettle Chips, and we decided to each box up the last half of our sandwiches to save room for dessert. We shared a piece of their special of the day -- strawberry layer cake. A very homemade-tasting sturdy white cake, with strawberry jelly filling, and whipped cream and fresh strawberries on top. It was delicious. We both left feeling satisfied, but not over-full.... A great way to be, I think. My husband enjoyed the other half of my BLT later in the day... he said he would prefer it without the basil, but I could find no way to improve that sandwich. I will go back more often now for sure!

And I want to add -- I was surprised, our sandwiches were each about $6.50. I think that's a great deal for a good, serious sandwich!

Lise M said...

Wow Anon. May 4, 2009 1:37 PM, sounds like you had a great time. I was also thinking this place needed an up-to-date review. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to happily mention another great Wild Pear experience (that's my post above, anon May 4, 1:37).

I visited again on a lunch date with my mom, and we both ordered individual pizzas. I only have an hour for lunch on workdays, and was a little concerned since sometimes pizzas take extra long to come out of a kitchen. Not to mention we got the last table in a packed lunch-rush dining room. But our food was delivered swiftly; piping hot, crispy crusts, delicious! My mom had a greek-style pizza, I tasted hers, it was fantastic. I dont remember what mine was called, but it was covered in a smokey white cheese with grilled chicken, candied pecans and pears. SO GOOD. The flavors complimented each other perfectly, the textures were fantastic. I think they really know their stuff here. Each pizza was only $8.50 or so and both of us had leftovers.

We skipped dessert this time but ordered drinks from their espresso bar -- an iced coffee and a cappuchino. Both were properly made, delicious and strong! A+. Wild Pear is good eating! I can't wait to go back and try something else!

Anonymous said...

My Wife and I find ourselves at th Wild Pair as often as we can, and it is always a treat. The carrot curry soup is the best and the happy hour fried garbonzo beans rock!!!!