SFNY Pizza Opening Night

Did anyone get a slice or a pie from the new Straight From New York Pizza Monday Night? The good news is the pizza taste the same as the downtown location. The better news, it's a more convenient location, at least for me, and there's tables to dine in. I got mine to go.


Anonymous said...

Ha, I tried tried to. But, I got there right as they shut off their sign. Oh well, I'll try again later.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we're big fans of SFNY, and we dined on their opening night.

The pizza was excellent. It was a bit saucier and had a little bit less cheese than usual, but it was so, so good. We love their spicy pizza sauce. The crust was perfect. It seems that their oven can get hot enough to blacken the crust a bit but not the entire pizza. We just recently ate at Paddington's (south location..not in the same league), Apizza (excellent), and Christo's (ordered their Neopolitano...also, very good), and SFNY is still the best.

A few observations/comments:

They need to do something about all the waste! We were disappointed that they served their pizzas in a pizza box, and they're still using paper plates.

They need to improve the beer that they have on tap. How about carrying some Oregon microbrews???

The classic rock that was playing was very cool.

They did a nice job with the decor: clean, uncluttered, and lots of windows. The view of the traffic makes it feel like - shall I dare say it - New York. Not really, but it feels like you're in a town that isn't as slow as Salem usually is. Anyone who dines regularly in Salem during the week knows what I'm talking about. The newspapers are missed but understandably gone. I think they succeeded in creating a neighborly space.

They're pricier than their downtown location.

While it is probably an easier location to get to (plenty of parking) for most, it can get very congested at that intersection.

The folks working the registers are no longer the tattoo/nose ring type but the all-American type. The funkiness of the downtown location is gone, which will make SFNY more inviting for families, suburbanites, and conservatives.

While we didn't try it, the salads looked good.

If you like NY-style pizza, go check them out. They're better than Escape from New York in Portland, and they're here in Salem. This new spot is a nice addition to that part of town and to Salem.

Bottom line: SFNY pizza is one of the best things in this town.

Salem Man said...

I finally got a chance to eat in the restaurant. The place was packed. It looked like a few customers were just hanging out drinking beers and enjoying the music and atmosphere. This place is going to do well.

EazyMoney said...

I went there to eat last night between 5:00 and 6:00.. the Pizza was O.K. but the parking lot is so ridiculously small someone backed into my car while trying to back out.

Thanks asshole in the reddish-maroon station-wagon type vehicle who just drove off after hitting me.

Not to mention I had to back out onto commercial to get out, when I left.

a said...

The pizza is great and the place looks nice, but it has the same problem that almost every place in Salem.. The prices just don't make sense. $3.00 for a pint of Pabst and $3.50 for a "micro brew" is absolutely ridiculous. That may be ok, not really, at some restaurant but not a a local corner pizza by the slice place. They don't have trays for whole pies eaten on location so I take it as they just want us to have a single beer and a single slice of pie and get out. We go up to Portland and there are all of these cool little places that have GREAT deals, but not here in Squaresville.
about the place...

We will NEVER go there to eat, but will continue to carry out because the pizza is great.

-bummed SFNY lover

Anonymous said...

we ate at New York pizza tonight. It was packed and we had to park next door at the record store.

This is the only real new york pizza I have had in Oregon. I have been all over Portland and there are good pizza places, but obviously this place is the real deal. I have always assumed it was the water or the tomatoes or something that set NY pizza apart...whatever it is these guys have it figured out.

The kids loved the free lollipops. I was blissfully happy for the two pabst @$2 each...it was a long day and the old lady was driving home.

The only complaint was the parking. Both lots were full the whole 30 mins we were there.

Anonymous said...

I reviewed the original SFNY on Liberty with high praise. Helpful, friendly staff and excellent pizza.

I didn't know that the one on Commercial was the same company. They are, aren't they???

As I drove by on my way to Lifesource, my tired brain made the connection. Yesterday, we were out at dinner time and I wanted some more of that awesome pie. I decided to try the new location just for fits and giggles.

I had a slice of the Chef and a slice of the Hawaiian. The sauce seemed spicier, which I didn't like and was a little thicker than the Liberty store. I want my sauce thin and runny, oh that's the best.

Still tasty but I prefer the Liberty location over this one.

Anonymous said...

Ordered a large pizza from SFNY, and it was not as good as other times. The crust had an odd taste to it (perhaps from the water used?) and the sauce was a little off. The manager was not his usual wise cracking self. I appreciate that the pies from this establishment do not taste exactly the same (it's not dominoes), but this one was not great (better than dominoes though). Also, they got rid of the three topping takeout special. A disappointing experience in a long string of good pizzas. This would happen to us with the downtown location. I was hoping that it wouldn't happen with the one on Commercial. Last gripe: Why do they close so early?

Anonymous said...

Great pizza. I love the vegetarian, but the cheese is good too. We get it for our office at least once a week. Use to eat at the one downtown, but parking was always a hassle.