Nominate the "Eat Salem Restaurant of the Year 2007"

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Did one restaurant go above and beyond this year with great food, service and atmosphere? If so, nominate them for "Restaurant of the Year." Just leave the name of your favorite restaurant in the comment section of this post. Nominate as many restaurants as you like. We will take the most suggested restaurants and put up a poll on January 5th to determine the top eatery.


Salem Man said...

Willamette Noodle Company
Macleay Country Inn
Willamette Valley Grill
Straight From New York Pizza

Franklin said...


KandN said...

Sassy Onion
Marco Polo
Thompson's Brew Pub

riggity said...

busick court (best breakfast in town)

momiji (best sushi in town)

christo's pizza (best pizza in town)

marco polo (just good)

Anonymous said...

Apizza in Stayton

guy who loves to eat said...

John's chinese resturant
(Best chinese food in Salem/Keizer)
Willamete Noodle Company
(Best Pasta and appetizers)
Josey's family resturant
(Best New York Steak)
(Best Hometown Breakfest)
(Best Hamburger)
(Best Dessert)

Anonymous said...

Best Little Roadhouse
(Best burgers and yeast rolls)

La Hacienda Real - Mexican food

Soba - Asian food

Bentley's Grill - best booths

Queen of Tarts (best location for a cafe-in the library with lots of books around, with great sandwiches and soups!)

Anonymous said...

Whites - best customer service (food/coffee is average, service is stellar).

La Perla - best Mexican.

Boons Treasury - Best atomosphere.

Christos- Best thick crust pizza

Straight from new york - best thin pizza. Really best pizza in town.

Off Center - best breakfast by a long ways

Divinci's - best cocktail lounge.

J. James - best NW cuisine.

Burger Basket - best burgers.

That's all I know.

jeff said...

I'll go for Apizza - they've probably gotten the most of my money of any listed so far.

When it comes to comfort food I'll nominate a place that I don't get to often enough (due to distance) but which consistently pleases - Schroeder's Guesthouse out at the intersection of Lancaster & Portland Rd.

sarah said...

my vote goes to Wild Pear.

Hands down.

Anonymous said...

Best fine dining/NW cuisine: Morton's
Best burgers: Thompson's Brew Pub and sometimes Rockn Rogers (lousy fries though)
Best elegant cocktail lounge happy hour food, drink and ambiance: DaVinci's
Best casual happy hour food, drink and ambiance: Thompson's
Asian: Thai Cuisine
Sushi: Rice Time
Italian: my place :-) (I wish Salem had a good one)
breakfast: OHOP
mexican: LaMargarita
pizza: Paddington's or SFNY

Anonymous said...

Comfort food=Macleay Country Inn
Pizza= Straight From New York
Steak= Roadhouse grill on lancaster
Asian= House Of Golden Dragon
Burger= Rock&Rogers
Noodles= Willamette Noodle Company
Breakfast= Ritz Diner
Mexican= Los Dos Amigos
Italian= Gepettos

Anonymous said...

Kim Huongs is the absolute best restaurant in Salem. Always fresh ingredients!!

Anonymous said...

Best Mexican: Tie - El Fogon in Keizer, La Perla, and La Margarita
Best Italian: Alessandro's 120
Best Pizza: Straight from New York and Apizza in Stayton
Under the radar restaurant, that may be the best restaurant in Salem, but too bad it's over-priced: The Greek restaurant at the Reed Opera House
Too bad it's closed: The Indian Restaurant that was on Commercial
Chain that you don't mind: Pita Pit
Chain that you wish would open: Can we get a friggin' Burgerville in Salem!
Best breakfast: Busick (1st runner up: Off Center, 2nd runner ups: Broadway Cafe, White's). We did not have a good experience at Sassy Onion, but we may give them a second chance.
Best Thai: Thai Lotus in Keizer
Best Chinese:
Overrated: Konditorei

Anonymous said...

Best Fine Dining: Morton's
Best Family Dining: Flight Deck
Best View: Flight Deck
Best Smoke Free Lounge: Flight Deck
Best Pizza: Padingtons
Best Bakery: Cascade Baking
Best Chinese: John's Chinese
Best Indian: India Palace

Anonymous said...

Queen of Tarts in the Library. Friendly service, excellent food and baked goods that beat the Konditorei any day.

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that Salem has the worst record for places being consistantly good.
We will find a good place to eat, and after two or three times, WHAM...lousy service, bad food, and this has happened at almost all the places we have dined in Salem.
So my best restaurant of the year goes to a place that I have never gotten a bad meal from, the servers are quick and polite, and has been overlooked by much of Salem. TONG KING, there, I said it, TONG KING! Take that... Roadhouse, Bentleys, all the rest of the too many bad Mexican places! Humble, old, Tong King.

Unknown said...

Apizza in Stayton
willamette noodle company
Amadeus Cafe
Willamette Valley Grill
Off Center Cafe
Wild Pear

Anonymous said...

La Perla
Willamette Noodle Co.
Best Little Roadhouse
Straight From NY pizza
Thai Beer

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Court St. Dairy Lunch, they also have great breakfast, and good lunches, very good fries and shakes also. Always comes out the same.

Anonymous said...

Court St Dairy Lunch

Anonymous said...

Momiji! Yum!!!

robert said...

I nominate Apizza (Stayton).

It may be the best restaurant between Portland and San Francisco. In the pizza category, there's nothing even close to them (that I've had) in Oregon. It is enduring, even after many, many trips. I used to think Cristo's was a close second, but Apizza pulls away from everything else. Nice place, too. Comfortable room, comfortable seating. But why Stayton?!?!

Allie & Brian said...

OK How about King Donuts!!!

Well they may not be a restaurant but I have had Sooo many meals there that It feels like a home away from home.

Busick Court

Anonymous said...

I went to Apizza for the first time tonight. Wow! That pizza is amazing. Not only that, the restaurant is beautiful and the staff is very friendly and helpful. I was a little sad to see they don't accept tips, because I really wanted to give them one! They deserve all the praise I read about them.

Anonymous said...

La Hacienda Real is the best restaurant by far, you have to see it yourself. Go to the one in West Salem!!!

Anonymous said...

Guadalajara Grill Mexican Food