Eat Salem New Year's Resolutions

Where I'll eat in '08

I will do my best not to eat at any Salem restaurants that have more than two dozen franchises, except for Baja Fresh, Taco Del Mar, McMenamin's, Panda Express and Starbucks(only for the wifi).

I will venture out to Stayton to try Apizza and write a post about it.

More reviews of restaurants on Lancaster, If I can find any that aren't mega chains.

I will eat at Tong King's for lunch if there are more than two cars in the parking lot.

Fewer donut reviews.

I will order Maynard's Meatloaf at White's

I will stop picking at my wife's meal from across the table.

I will look for restaurants that have healthy and delicious choices on the kids menu.

I will work on my spelling and grammar.

I won't feel guilty when I don't leave a tip in a tip jar.

I will work harder to try and get a Trader Joe's to Salem.

I will go to Maverick's now that they've had time to work out the kinks in the system.

I won't complain about doing dishes when my wife cooks at home.

I will eat at Buster's more often because my children love to go there.


Michael said...

You need to go and try a place in Keizer called El Fogon's.

It's a little twist on mexican food because they specialize in Mayan food. It's not on the menu, but if you ask you can get Aligator, Snake, and Baked Crickets. Aside from that their menu has a variety of food other than your usual mexican menu. Plus their prices are reasonable and it's a locally owned place, and not a franchise.

Check it out and post your review. It's not fancy, but it's got character which I think this town could use more of.

It's in the plaza across from bi-mart next to Steam Heat Coffee

Salem Man said...

I'll add one more thing to my resolutions. I'll let the baggers at Roth's carry my groceries to the car.

Anonymous said...

Jr's Tacqueria really has the some of the best real Mexican food in town. It's not that gringo "Jalisco style" combination plate stuff. Try a chicken sope, a fish taco or a carnitas taco. All the corn tortillas are freshly made. The chile relleno can be very good, depending on who is in the kitchen. And the tortas are wonderful too. No beer, alas, but the mango agua fresca is wonderful. Everything is reasonably priced. It's at the corner of Jefferson and Fairgrounds, on the near northside.