The Arbor Cafe and Bakery

Update 3/10/10
Unfortunately this place has closed down. If you go to that location now, there is a really good Italian place called Willamette Noodle Co.

If you were wondering where I brought my wonderful wife for Mother's Day brunch it was The Arbor Cafe. For $13.95 they served pastries, fresh fruit in a honey lime glaze and the choice between several egg entrees. It included their excellent coffee with steamed milk. I love that. Corn Beef Hash is what caught my eye on the special menu, topped with eggs over easy. Made with corned beef, fresh potatoes, green onions and carrots finely chopped and cooked together, this was not at all greasy the way it can be served in other restaurants. The savory drippings from the egg yolk made this a memorable meal for me. My wife ordered the Eggs Benedict and the kids split a Belgian Waffle. A pianist provided live classical music on a keyboard to add to the ambiance of an already clean and well run restaurant. Every table was full but we were able to get reservations by mid week and the price was competitive with other restaurants in town.

Reviewed 12/18/07
There are some restaurants out there that I always forget about. One day I will be walking by it and I'll say to myself, "I have to eat there, that place looks good." Then, when I head out the door and drive through town I'll say, "there isn't anywhere to eat." It must be the location of The Arbor Cafe that makes it forgettable. It's tucked in next to Bank of America on High Street downtown also near Young's Teriyaki. The Arbor Cafe was totally out of mind on Sunday when I gathered the family together to have a bite to eat and a coffee at The Blue Pepper. Before we pulled into the parking space I noticed a guy, on the side of the road, holding a sign that read
"The Arbor Cafe now serving brunch." How strange it was to see a sign for a restaurant two blocks away, but it was just the reminder I needed. The Blue Pepper was out of bagels so we hopped back in the car and headed to The Arbor. With large windows surrounding two sides of the restaurant, the dining room is bright and cheery. Tables are neatly arranged with cloth napkins and white table cloths. We sat down at a cozy booth and were immediately greeted by a friendly server who quickly brought us some hot coffee. The coffee was served with steamed milk which I thought was really cool. I love it when restaurants think of little details like that. Another little detail came with the fresh strawberry atop the buttermilk pancakes. The fluffy and large pancakes hung over the edge of the plate. I was a bit worried that the maple syrup was going to cascade onto the table but the sugary topping soaked right in to the delicious pancake. Across the table, my wife ordered her favorite, eggs benedict. I can't tell you personally how good they were, she wouldn't allow me a bite. That usually means either they were great or we're eating somewhere we should watch our table manners. Either way, The Arbor Cafe got us off on the right foot for the day. Although a bit pricey, $6.25 for the pancakes, the food, clean atmosphere and prompt service was a memorable morning and a new discovery downtown. I highly recommend it.

380 High St NE
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 588-2353


Unknown said...

I love hearing about great breakfast joints. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


The only word to describe the arbor cafe. I love going there. The service and food is great- and it's right next to the mall!

Anonymous said...

Last Sunday my wife and 9 of our friends gathered at The Arbor Cafe for brunch. The dining room is beautiful and the wait staff was warm and efficient. (A nice thing about The Arbor brunch is that you can order breakfast instead if either your wallet or your appetite is a bit light.) Our party mostly ordered brunch, which comes with a basket of pastries, including the best scones I've tried in awhile, and a fruit plate with a fantastic honey-lime glaze. I had the sweet potato hash, very different and delicious. My wife had the Chef's Choice omelette with chicken. She loved the spiciness of the generous chicken filling, and the potatoes are the best. We were a large group and some of the dishes came out a bit later than the others, (mine among them), but when they came they were hot and fresh. Those who ordered breakfast were very impressed with the quality of the food. Brunch is priced at $13.95, an excellent value - Mimosas are available but not included in the price. I highly recommend The Arbor Cafe for breakfast any time, and especially Sunday Brunch!

Rich Hansen, Salem, Oregon

Anonymous said...

Love The Arbor! Great place to people watch and enjoy good food. I like to sit inside on cold days and have the clam chowder. Caesar salad on the patio is great on warm days. Good place to drop in if you just want coffee and dessert too!


Anonymous said...

I can tell you that Sunday Brunch at the Arbor is delightful! Pastries were wonderful, entrees interesting and unique as well as great service and pleasant surroundings. And do check out the Pottery for sale, done by a local artist.

KandN said...

We'll miss you Arbor Cafe! So sad that you're closed!