Salem Restaurant Inventory (Updated)

There have been a lot of changes recently in the Salem restaurant scene. Here's an incomplete list of what's going on. Let me know if you've seen anything new or go out of business.
Pita Pit, open,
Charley's, open
Big Foot Bar and Grill, Opening Soon
Maverick's, open
Soup Cellar, moved across town
Siam, ?
Lefty's State Street, closed
Wild Pear River Road, closed
Battle Creek Golf Course, closed
Anthony's at Red Lion Hotel, changed to Willamette Valley Grill
Straight From New York Pizza South, under construction
Chula Vista on Liberty downtown, Opening Soon


Stephanie Matlock Allen said...

Pita Pit opened last Thursday & it's good! Also, I read in the SJ that Great Harvest bakery opened a new location in West Salem.

jeff said...

Ah, so that's what the construction at Center & 17th is. I'd wondered.

KandN said...

I understand Pita Pit has late hours. Nice to have that option.

Royal India - closed,
Grand China - closed,
Smokin Swine - closed

Anonymous said...

As far as I know, it's Noble's that's under construction at 17th & Center. At least that's what a friend of mine in Public Works for the city said. But possibly the Off Center will expand into the space that Noble's was in?

Anonymous said...

It's the same owner as Noble's, and not Off Center. I can't remember what Duncan (owner of the Off Center) said if it was going to be an extension of Noble's or another restaurant. I'll find out again this week.

Salem Man said...

There's a sign out in front of a building under construction on Center street that says "Off Center Cafe." I assumed that they would be moving in there?

Salon prof said...

Dessert Diva on Edgwater in West Salem.

Anonymous said...

One of the waiters at off center told me that the owner of Nobles is building _another_ bar there. So off center isn't going to be there and Nobles may stay where it is. Why you'd open another bar in the same parking lot and compete with yourself is beyond me, though.

Anonymous said...

The place across from Noble's Is called Johnny's Bar and grill. Steak house consept.

FSA guy

jeff said...

Did the Pita Pit twice this past weekend. Very enjoyable - I had a Gyro-style the first time and Chicken Souvlaki (notice a trend?) the second.

It's sort of "Subway with Pitas" in that you order the base sandwich and then instruct the sandwich maker on all the other ingredients you want added to it.

Then they add the meat, fold the top of the pita down inside and the bottom up around the outside, and wrap it all up in paper. Very handy, very low mess.

I'm impressed. Oh - and if you get your meal as a combo ($1.95 extra) you get a ridiculously large cup (32oz? maybe, at least 24oz) for a drink and a bag of chips. And you get two punches on your frequent flyer card instead of just one (10 gets you a free pita).

Lunch for two came to $15.15 the first day and $15.30 the second. Not out of line for downtown, I think.

KandN said...

Opening soon on Lancaster - a new Vietnamese restaurant named, "Super Pho".

Salem Dinner Table said...

A chain perhaps? Maybe based out of Hawaii? I found this on Google about another location in another state;

KandN said...

I saw that too, M2D, but maybe it's just a coincidence? I couldn't find any other mention besides the Hawaiian place.