Groceries and Cold Drinks

Finally, a little, mom and pop, store within walking distance of the Fairmont neighborhood, a great alternative to Safeway or Plaid Pantry. A place to open up a soda on the patio and enjoy a fall afternoon with friends. That's what I was thinking when this "Groceries and Cold Drinks" sign went up on a building on Owen's Street near Commercial South. Unfortunately, that's not what's going on. This is someone's house. The owner found that cool sign and put it up on the street facing side of his home. The owner told me that he liked the antique sign but thought that he may put it somewhere else on his property. Even if it didn't turn into what I was hoping for, the owners have done a great job fixing up that property. I'm sure that everyone remembers this is the place that always had junk on their curb with a handwritten sign above it that said "Free."

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KandN said...

About every other time we drive by this place on our way home, one of us will wonder out loud,
"do you think anyone rings their doorbell or just walks in assuming it's really a store?"