Eat Salem Readers Prefer Water

With all that rain, the Northwest is known for having pretty good water, Salem especially. Having lived in areas where the tap tastes like chlorine, I do appreciate the cool clean water that comes out of the kitchen sink. I was surprised at how popular H2O was in the poll. It was chosen more often than all of the alcohol drinks combined.
What's your favorite beverage with dinner?
water (19) 37%
Coke/Pepsi (2) 4%
Sprite/Seven-Up (1) 2%
ice tea (7) 14%
beer (7) 14%
microbrew beer (2) 4%
red wine (6) 12%
white wine (3) 6%
lemonade (2) 4%
root beer/ Dr. Pepper (2) 4%

Total Votes: 51


Salem Man said...

Every time I see this post title I start to laugh.

KandN said...

:>) Thanks for pointing out a good morning chuckle

Anonymous said...

Not to be inordinately picky but shouldn't it be iced tea not ice tea? I could be wrong but ice tea sounds like a tea popsicle. Ah well...

Anonymous said...

Yes, it should be iced tea. Also, people should say whipped cream and not whip cream, that one bugs me too!

Salem Man said...

iced tea, got it,
thanks neil.