RAM Restaurant and Brewery

The last place you might think about taking kids out to eat is a brewery. But Ram Restaurant and Brewery actually does a nice job making it fun for little ones. To start with, all February long, kids meals are $1. That includes normal kids menu items like burgers and pasta and a scoop of ice cream for dessert. Ram offers healthier alternative sides to french fries, like steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes. And if they haven't spoiled your child enough, after the meal, your children can pick a prize out of a giant football toy box. It's usually a plastic fish or a top. We use this as leverage and say they only get the special treat if they eat all their broccoli. It works. No bribes necessary to get you to eat your meal.
Their hamburgers are probably the best in town. Try the Gorgonzola burger for $10. It's covered in onions, blue cheese and A1 steak sauce. The beef patty melts in your mouth and the juices tend to dribble onto your shirt if you're not careful. This time I got the fireside beans on the side. My only complaint, there wasn't enough. Eat this burger slowly, savor every bite, because when you're all done, you'll wish you had another. Maybe the thing to do is order a side of bread to soak up some of the sauce leftover on the plate when the burgers in your belly. Although the place is busy, I've never had to wait for a table. It's a big restaurant with a bar section and patio dining. The service can be spotty at times but they're properly staffed and the food is consistently prepared. During the day, they play a mix of classic rock music which may be a bit loud but it goes well with the atmosphere. We arrived late, after 8pm, this night and we stayed late enough to see Ram convert into a popular nighttime attraction. The music shifted quickly.
When we arrived they were playing "Tell me lies" by Fleetwood Mac. By the time we left The Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" was thumping through the sound system. Somewhere in there, I think they played Chaka Khan. Other songs from that era that I haven't been able to get out of my head since this visit include Salt-n-Pepa "Push It" and Tone Loc, "Funky Cold Medina."

515 12th Street
Salem, OR 97301
Tel: 503-363-1905

Reviewed 8/10/07
As I turned my Buffalo chicken sandwich vertically to take a bite, the Gorgonzola cheese and Pico de Gallo, slid out the back and landed all over my fries. This was good because I didn't want to waste any of this delicious topping and I knew it would go well with the thick cut steak fries. When I saw that this sandwich was made with Frank's hot sauce, I had to order one for lunch. The $9 sandwich hit the spot as I dined with my family outdoors above Pringle creek on a sunny afternoon. The Ram Restaurant and Brewery on 12th Street near the intersection of Mission Street is one of Salem's better restaurants. There is a good selection of food to choose from for both lunch and dinner. One of my favorites is the Chicken Penne Primavera which is a tube pasta with large bites of chicken breast and vegetables, mixed in a garlic cream sauce. On this visit my wife got the pasta, unfortunately it was cold and she wasn't as satisfied as I was with my meal. This was unusual for service at The Ram, the servers are well trained and efficient and the food quality has never disappointed us before. The atmosphere and an order of the Colossal Sizzling Bread Pudding for dessert, made up for the cold pasta and The Ram remains close to the top of my list for places to eat in Salem. One other thing, they don't advertise it much, but kids eat free on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

New: Of recent origin, production, purchase, etc.; having but lately come or been brought into being: a new book.

Knew: Past tense of know.

Jenera said...

We just ate there yesterday and it was fabulous! I had the BBQ Pulled Pork Sammie and it was delicious.

They are extremely kid friendly! They had balloons, toys from a toy box, crayons, everything! Our waitress was kind enough to put in our son's order before we even got our beverages-a must with a hungry kid!

Anonymous said...

So, the "new" and the "knew" comment. I am dumb, I don't get it. The review was correct in the use of the word "knew" Am I missing something?

Salem Man said...

When I originally posted, I wrote "new" instead of "knew." Spellcheck didn't catch that. I've since corrected it. Please forgive me,I didn't no it was going to cause a complete uproar.

jeff said...

The only problem I've got with the Ram is that it tends to be kinda spendy, and rather loud at times.

Anonymous said...

Tried the Ram again, after your suggestion. Had the gorgonzola burger, knowing I'm not a huge fan of blue cheese. It was really good- the A1 might have been a touch overpowering, but it didn't ruin it for me. I had to use a knife and fork for the burger, as it dripped everywhere, but again, no big deal. LOVED the fireside beans, I'd go back just for a container of those, lol.

Hubs had the Black Angus Prime Cheeseburger and proclaimed it to be the best burger he's had in a LONG time. Also had this sample beer deal w/ about half a dozen beers on it.. says their 'Pale Ale', and 'Buttface' are awesome.

Anonymous said...

After reading how GOOD this place was we decided to order food to go since our kids were sick,
NEVER AGAIN will I ever go back there, We ordered a kids cheeseburger meal, it came with a BLACK burger with NO CHEESE, no condoments to put on it, and the veggies were ROCK HARD and COLD,
I ordered a Club Sandwich with avacado, the fillings were good but again BLACK BURNED BREAD,
Hubby had a steak dinner that came with 1 ONION RING and NOTHING ELSE,
AND to top it all off when I called to talk to the manager I was basically told if i didnt like to food there not to come back!! YES THIS from a MANAGER,
so no matter how wonderful everyone says the food is, NEVER EVER order takeout from them!!
It will cost you at least $40 and more than likely be burned and not complete, then when you call to complain they will act like you are the one with something wrong with you!!! I give this place a 1

lovesfuschias said...

Ate at the Ram for lunch today -- still full, so good! I had The Border burger (guacamole, pepper jack cheese, and bacon) -- absolutely fabulous hamburger. And don't pass up the locally made root beer -- so good!

Anonymous said...

we went there last night for dinner. i was very under impressed. the service was so so so slow and the food was cold and not very tasty. the waffle cut fries were cold, soggy and soft. yuck. the veggie pasta dish had no flavor, although it did look very nice on the plate. overpriced for the food and service quality.