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The New Place in Town—Worth a Try or 2!

I can’t resist a new restaurant, particularly a steakhouse with the name “Maverick’s”. So, off we went on a Friday night, which happened to be opening night, to Maverick’s, at 3981 Commercial St. SE, in the same parking lot as Northern Lights Theatre Pub. The owners, Angela & Bob Lyles, promise good food & value, in a “sparkling clean” restaurant. The décor can be described as Western, with a large bar and pool table area on one side of the space, and two dining areas with both booths and tables. The kitchen can be seen through a large food delivery window, allowing diners to observe the chefs at work and watch tantalizing meals head out to other tables. We sat ourselves and prepared to watch a new team of waitstaff, bartenders, and chefs at work!

The cocktail menu really shines at Maverick’s, using a variety of vintage spirits, fresh mixers, and truly classic recipes (sometimes with a twist!). I was entranced by the creative offerings and the spirits used, like applejack, essentially distilled apple juice, similar to a brandy. There’s also a large section of tropical, fruity drinks, another of martinis, and also over/unders. Drinks range from $5-$8 and are well worth the price. The menu offers a wide range of pub-type appetizers from $4-$11, mostly fried traditional fare. Soups, sandwiches, burgers and salads run $6-$9, and the sandwiches are served with potato chips fried on site. Dinners, served with salad, potato side, and house bread, include southern specialties like catfish, along with steaks, including a filet mignon and a hefty porterhouse. Pasta was also an option, and the dinners ran from $10 to $22 for the “Perfect Porterhouse.” Maverick’s also offers lunch, focusing on sandwiches, salads, and burgers, and breakfast, including wraps and traditional combinations.

We chose to start with the Dynamite Stix for an appetizer. It did not appear with lighting speed, but when it did arrive, it was delicious. Essentially chicken, chiles, peppers and cheese deep fried in a tortilla, it was quite tasty, but will serve no more than 2. The large salad included with our entrées was a pleasant surprise. The greens were quite fresh, and there were plenty of fresh sliced cucumbers and tomatoes adorning the top. Choosing and enjoying a second round of cocktails kept us occupied, as our waitress had kindly dropped off a recipe book of vintage cocktails to address our inquiry as to ingredients in some of the featured drinks. Service was not speedy on opening night, but was exceptionally friendly. Reinforcements were called in to help staff an unexpected rush of patrons willing to try something new, and all employees seemed to be pitching in to clear tables, make salads, and deliver drinks.

For entrées, we had selected a New York strip and a filet mignon to try, but had given up on the house bread. The presentation of our meals was fairly traditional—steak and potato, but also included the appearance of the house bread. The steaks were cooked properly to our requests, and were good cuts of quality meat. We devoured the house bread, two cheesy biscuits that were surprisingly tender, as well. The fries weren’t particularly seasoned, but the loaded baked potato won high marks for it’s large size, tenderness all the way through, and the fresh, real bacon on top. We also watched a number of tall, enticing sandwiches get made and delivered to nearby diners and agreed to return for lunch to try them, along with the fresh fried potato chips.

Overall, Maverick’s delivers quite well on its promises. The restaurant and restrooms were
quite clean and comfortable, the food was great, the drinks exceptional and the value above average. Service was friendly, if slow, but I’m sure the system will gain efficiency as the restaurant gains experience. Kids can eat burgers, etc. happily on the restaurant side, but singles, pairs, and small groups of adult diners will find Maverick’s perfect for a casual evening out.
Posted by Food Fan


Anonymous said...

maybe its the cocktails
that seems to be all you talked about in your review
i thought the service sucked
and the food was OK

Anonymous said...

God, that sounds like something I would write...if I went someplace that someone had raved about and gotten sub-standard food and service!

I hate paying for lousy service! And I can burn a steak on my own grill quite easily, so this place better get some good reviews before I venture in.

Anonymous said...

There's no point in making this anonymous as I paid with a credit card and told the manager on duty how I felt about it all. I'm sure the staff will read it and hopefully make improvements. That is, if the health department doesn't step in before they get a chance.

There is going to be a lot of opinion in this review. Take it with a grain of salt.

Walking in at around 4:30 on a Sunday, the first thing I saw was a gal behind the bar with 3 or 4 customers, one dining room table with 2 people drinking and the cook sitting with another customer over by the pool tables. The rest of the tables were empty. My wife and young son and I waited for just a bit and the bartender came out from behind the bar to seat us. " Sit where you like, " she said. So we chose a booth that gave me a view of the inside of the kitchen. That was a mistake ( more on that later ). The bartender asked if we'd like anything to drink. I asked for a diet soda, my son had water and my wife had 7-up with some pineapple juice. When those were brought to us, then we were given the drink menu. We were also directed towards the happy hour menu for appetizers. After the right amount of time, she came back to see if we would like to order some appetizers. We did. We ordered the stuffed jalepeno poppers and the nachos. After the bartender wrote down our order on her ticket, she took the ticket back to the bar for a while. I timed the time it took for the cook to actually go into the kitchen to start cooking the appetizers; 8 minutes.

I wandered around the place for a bit, peeked my head into the area divided by swinging doors that said " No minors " to see what was back there; Bins of dirty dishes. Obviously this space will be used for video poker or something in the future. But for now, it's an area to put dirty dishes.

I looked into the men's room. That looked fine. Walked past the the digital jukebox that was displying a warning that " service on this jukebox will be discontinued in 19 days." ( I believed it ). And asked the guy who had been sitting with the cook if he worked here. He said " No, but she does, " and pointed to another woman who later turned out to be the manager on duty. I told her that while the place was getting built, there was a paper sign in the window that mentioned that there would be dancing or something. It mentioned that it will be a place for groups to meet and have fun. ( I'm paraphrasing as I can't recall the exact verbiage ). It made me think there would be some kind of entertainment at some point once thing got rolling along. When I asked about that sign, she made it sound like she remembered the sign that I was talking about. Something to the effect of " Yep...there sure was a sign that said that...yep."


I asked if that had been started yet. She said " No. Not yet." I asked what kind of entertainment that sign was alluding to. She said " It's not going to be JUST a DJ or JUST live music of JUST Karaoke..."


I asked " Will it be all of those? " She replied " Not all at the same time."

" No kidding, " I thought and returned to my booth. I'm still unsure what the plan is. I think they are too.

We ordered a Petite Sirloin, asked for medium rare, for my wife with a side of deep fried shrimp, loaded baked potato. She also asked for the salad with ranch. I asked for a New York steak, medium rare, with the broiled shrimp and a loaded baked potato, a salad with Blue Cheese. My son asked for the Quesadilla with a salad with Blue Cheese.

I could hear the poppers and I assume the chips for the nachos getting deep fried. I watched the cook microwave the plate of potato slices ( I assume to melt the cheese he had put on them ) twice. Some of the chips were warm. Some were even still crispy after the nuking. The poppers came out to he window about 10 minutes later along with the Irish Nachos. The poppers were overcooked. But I mean, come on - they are plucked from a bag probably supplied from Costco. Actually, I have had the ones form Costco. These were probably from WinCo. So what should I expect, right?

After a refill of our drinks. We sat for a while and listened to the bartender, who was back at the bar defending herself to either a customer or the manager on why it took so long for her to return back to the bar. " I just had a huge order, " ( meaning us - large order? It was 3 entrees. Yes, we did have to tell her dressing choices. Maybe that constitutes ' large order.' )" I can show you the ticket if you don't believe me." I didn't have the heart to turn around and see who was giving her a hard time for being away from the bar for 2 minutes while she took our order. Maybe it was someone dying of thirst.

Then our bartender came back to our table to say " With all that food you ordered, I forgot to tell you that you are entitled to a soup or salad. Our soup is Potato bacon and our dressings are..."

" We already ordered salads, I thought. Remember, you didn't have a low-cal dressing? " It was then that I realized that our ticket had not been turned in for our entrees. She asked us to repeat our dressing selections. We did.

When the entrees did arrive, I knew I should have just left. My wife's side of deep fried shrimp took a form I hadn't thought of before; Before I describe it, take a minute here. If you ordered a side of " 10 deep fried shrimp " think about what you'd expect. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Was it a " A single doughy TEMPURA battered Shrimp-Sicle mass! "? If it was, then you win. Or lose. Depending on whether you want to risk eating the translucent shrimp. But before I could even point that out to the bartender, she had a couple favors to ask;

#1. " Could you please wait a while longer for our loaded baked potato as they are not finished yet?" ( I glanced at the overworking microwave - yep. There they were. Confirmed by the bartender that they were in there. )

#2. " The chef would like you to cut into your steaks and make sure they are cooked right." We would, in theory, be cutting into our steaks pretty soon. But before we did that, I wanted to address the battery stick on my wife's plate. " This dough is not cooked all the way to the middle, where the shrimp are, leaving the shrimp even less cooked. So could we just have that taken away and we'll skip the shrimp for her and..." POOF!...the bartender was already walking to the kitchen window...oh well. My shrimp were broiled and there was NO doubt thay THEY were cooked.

Also on our plates were were a roll and two pats of butter in those paper guards just like you get at Salem Hospital.

By this time the manager on duty was at our table to see how it was all going. We asked again for a plate to take away the Shrimp thing. She brought us one and took it away. Only to go into the kitchen to make totally different looking house salads for another table that had ordered their meal. She did this without me ever seeing her wash her hands from at the bar cleaning, making a stop at our table, then going to the kitchen to use her hands to make the majority of the salad.

I was THIS close to warning the other customers.

My steak WAS medium rare on the edges - rare in the middle. Same for my wife. We ate the edges of our steaks. My son's quesadilla was extra greasy on one side - normal on the other. I don't know if the cook fried it in butter and it all got sopped up before he flipped it or what.

Then the cook placed a batch of replacement shrimp in the window. When he couldn't find someone to bring it to us, he looked at me, figured it was for our table ( since we were the only ones eating at that point ) and brought it to the table. I said " I was afraid that was for us. We told the bartender that we would skip the shrimp for my wife altogether."

" Oh, ok, " he said. " I'll just eat it."


Then, our still undercooked " Baked " potato arrived. One bite and I had had enough.

Since we had eaten all that we were willing to risk - less than half - , I went to the bar ( where there was a different bartender now ) and asked for our bill. The manager was also standing nearby and she told her to take off the shrimp from our bill. Then she added, without any prompting from me, " and take off their appetizers too."

Leaving me with a bill for about 46 bucks.

I asked if she was the manager. She said yes. I said " Just about everything about that meal was terrible." She said " Yeah. We've been having some..." and sort of trailed off... I said " Well, it didn't go well at all and..." I was going to say " I know it's early, but there are many things that need some attention here." But she interrupted me, slightly indignant to say " I did everything I could."

Unfortunately, I believe it.

The best part of the experience was the bartender who ran my credit card. She was nice.

Food Fan said...

Sean and anonymous--
Bummer that you guys had such a bad experience at Maverick's. I wonder why they are having such inconsistencies in the kitchen & waitstaff. Thanks for sharing your stories. I hope for their sake Maverick's gets whatever's wrong figured out soon.

Anonymous said...

This is just typical of many eating establishments in this town.

Someone will open a place, and not MANAGE it correctly. All they have to do is think like the CUSTOMER!!!

How would a customer like to be treated? What type of employees would the customer like to have wait on them? Would a customer like to see diry dishes, employees wasting time, while dirty dishes are stacked up?

I used to wait tables...I was told by my first boss, who was excellent, always have something in your hands, if you don't have an order your putting out, take a clean bar rag, and help wipe up! Never look like your bored, or lazy, and always help your fellow wait staff, even if you do have your own section.

This place will close, I'll take a big bet on it, and soon!

Anonymous said...

I would take that bet. Come back soon and you will have a different experience. The night cooks for the most part are kids, and really are still learning. That is still no excuse for the experience that the customer had. all that i am saying is, give it a second chance.

GregD said...

Anyone care to bet that "anonymous" above me is the owner of Mavericks?

Anonymous said...

The people with the terrible dining experience should have not been charged at all.

That manager did not know how to "manage" at all!

And since when is 4:30 pm, considered a "night" cook? I would consider that an "afternoon" cook!

Plus the fact, who lets kids do the cooking??? Come on...lousy excuse!

Anonymous said...

" Come back soon and you will have a different experience. The night cooks for the most part are kids, and really are still learning. That is still no excuse for the experience that the customer had. all that i am saying is, give it a second chance."

The night cooks are kids? Why? Are you saying that they day cooks are better? That's when we should go and spend money?

OK. Since you seem to be in a position to facilitate some changes - please, by all means list out what changes you are going to make. Give us an idea on how long you expect it to take and I will give it a chance. But I'm not going there until then.

KandN said...

We took my folks out to breakfast there this past weekend. My hubby had eggs with a slice of ham, which he ooo-ed and ah-ed about how flavorful it was. My dad had bacon with his meal and declared it very flavorful as well. My mother's and my breakfast burritos were wrapped in a tender tortilla, with a generous helping of eggs, hashbrowns, sausage with character and thankfully wasn't smothered in cheese. The service we received was good, too. I just wish the nice priced coffee (.79) had more umph, but that's a personal preference.
I too look forward to hearing what troubleshooting the owners will be doing before I venture in for dinner.

Anonymous said...

I am not an owner or even managment. Just an employee that believes in his job and the possibilities and potential of his company. We have only been opened for a week and a half, so there are some kinks to be worked out, mainly in personal. Admittly, the breakfast and lunch cook has more experience cooking than the night guys. We are working on that. Our main night cook will be back in less that two weeks and he will help a great deal. So if you want to come by during the day and check out the fare duirng that time and then make a judgement that would be great.

Anonymous said...

We had an ok time, the drinks were great(try the apple pie shots) but there were ups and downs to the food. The salad was huge and good, the corn chowder was very good(could have been warmer) and the chicken strips and fries were typical bar food but the fried pickles were wonderfully good. It was quite annoying to have unattended boys in back playing pool and the owner hovering over everyone in jeans and a baggy sweatshirt. All in all we will go back and try it again. Oh and the bartender was great!

Anonymous said...

I have been to Maverick's twice now and it is not as bad as what Sean Mulrooney wrote. The first time my husband and i went there it was for breakfast on the first sunday that they were open. The service wasn't that great but the food was awesome. I had the cowboy skillet (which took me 2 days to eat the leftovers!) and my husband had the stuffed french toast. The french toast was fantastic!

Last friday night we went back to meet some friends for dinner and drinks. We had the dynamite stix and the firecrackers for appetizers which were really good. I had a salad which was huge! My husband had a burger that looked great to me. The service had definitely improved and the food was excellent.

I think that they still have a few small issues to work out. Overall my husband and I and our friends agree that this restaurant defintely has great potential!

Anonymous said... looks like your taking a gamble eating here. You could get some good stuff, or you could get screwed...

I, for one like my odds a bit better!

Anonymous said...

To Mr Mulrooney,

I am the cookthat cooked your food on your not so swell visit to mavericks this past sunday. I did not offer to eat your shrip. I asked if you wanted themsince the last ones that you had were not to your liking. I asked the servers to have you cut into your steaks because, People have different ideas about what medium rare, rare, ect is. I personally like my steaks on the rare side of medium rare. I always oreder medium rare though. I ask people to cut into their steaks so that if there is a problem I can adress it before you begin your meal. In the past nights I have had several people tell me that their food was cooked to perfection. Yes Mavericks has some problems. But then again what would you expect from a buisness that went from No equiptment to open and running at full speed in less then 2 weeks. I challenge you to come back in and order whatever suits you. Because I know that it will be great. Oh and incase your wondering, we changed the breading for the shrimp! You can now make out every little detail ofeveryshrimp, while at the same time enjoying the flavor. Come backin and I bet you wont write another review like you did

Anonymous said...

Besides being the bad cook, he also is bad at writing! Case closed.

Anonymous said...

I have to address Mr. Mulroony's statement. I am an employee at Mavericks, but unfortunately I do not work on Sundays and was not there for his "disaster".

First of all I urge anyone who reads these to understand that when any guest has a bad experience, every detail is usually exaggerated to prove a point. In fact, Mr. Mulroony claimed many things in his statement that seem a little off to me, knowing the staff and food served at Mavericks.

Such as his horrible experience with the "manager on duty". Do you know the name of this manager? Because there is only two owners and one general manager all of who I have the highest respect for with regards to their ability to suit customers' needs, and none of them would have ever spoken to him in the manner he suggested unless they were on crazy pills.

Second, the shrimp batter was changed after less than 2 weeks open, which means he must have come in the first week or so and decided that he wanted everything perfect. Just to inform everyone, that place was a complete mess 2 weeks before opening and they had to open nearly a week early because the Statesman Journal printed an ad saying they were open earlier than they were supposed to. I find it ignorant and rude to misconstrue the events of a meal in the way Mr. Mulroony seems to have considering the circumstances. There is never any reason for food to be bad,or service or any of the other things he mentioned, but at the same time, making people who love their restaurant sound stupid and pathetic because things didnt go well for you is wrong.

Another clarification, we have a new head chef, and three awesome cooks back there now, yes it took a couple weeks to find the right people, but thats pretty fast I would say, some restaurants are still looking for decent staff.

Also, the reference to the manager's "trailing off" about music and dancing was an unfortunate insinuation. Just to let everyone reading know, what Im sure Mr. Mulroony was being told but ignoring was that we plan on having all different styles of bands and entertainment every weekend so that Mavericks doesnt become a theme bar that is JUST karaoke or JUST rock bands. The first bands are scheduled to play for grand opening at the end of this month and the four day grand opening includes adult entertainment, a kids day and food, drinks and dancing.

Baked potatoes. Mr. Mulroony, if you come in before dinner and want a baked potato, they may not be ready. Im sorry but sometimes things that arent on the lunch or breakfast menu take time to make. Microwaving them is barely different and much better than telling the guest they cant have one at all. If you did come in at dinner then there is no reason for them not to have been ready except for bad organization and we are trying very hard to get our kitchen perfect, again it takes time.

His story about the nachos was worrisome for me because he said they were microwaved twice to "melt the cheese". I dont know how this could have happened since we serve them with deep fried potato slices, from the fryer, and melted soft nacho cheese from a ladle in a pot that is on the stove at all times.

We all want good and bad criticism to make Mavericks the best it can be. But to insult people and guess what was happening when you must not have seen it is not very professional.

Finally, the comment left by anonymous at the end of this blog referring to the cook who responded as being a "bad cook" and unqualified because he "cannot write, cased closed"...well thats just silly. I think it is pretty great that whichever cook that was took the time to respond and be a lot more polite that I was able to be. I didnt really know until now that writing was a representation of your COOKING ABILITIES.

To all who read, I am responding to a critique that personally worried me and slightly offended, which is why I was so openly defensive. Everyone at Mavericks cares more about this restaurant than probably anywhere we have ever worked before, mostly because Bill and Angie are some of the most wonderful people I have ever met.

I treat customers with the utmost respect and service, but in my home, on my computer I feel the need to refute an insight which I feel was unjust and exaggerated. Our food is great, our manager and owners are there to make Salem happy, our kitchen is getting better and we want people in South Salem to have a place to eat, drink, play pool, bring the kids or not, without worrying about the problems some of the bars have in the area. Give it a try, I think you will like it!!!

Anonymous said...

Does Mr. Mulrooney actually expect educated people to believe that the manager or owner told him "Ive done all I can" and that the cook said he would eat his food?? Stupid. He sounds like a jerk.

Anonymous said...

What kind of a nazi power trip a-hole used a timer to check when the fryer starts for his order??? 8 Minutes?? Whoa.

Salem Man said...

Hold on everyone, let's not start calling people nazi's around here. It seems like Mr. Mulrooney had some troubles with his meal when he visited Mavericks and he did a very good job documenting what happened from his point of view. I think it was probably a mistake to open the restaurant before it was ready. If the Statesman Journal printed an ad incorrectly, why didn't you ask them to fix the mistake and put the ad up another day? Hind sight is 20/20 and I'm glad Maverick's is working to improve the service.

Anonymous said...

Right. I'm a Nazi because I looked at my watch to see when our order was actually going to start getting cooked. Got it. How insane I must be. You know why I looked at my watch? Becasue HE WASN'T COOKING IT. If I saw him get up from his conversation by the pool tables when he got the ticket, it would not have occurred to me to wonder when he's going to start working.

The cook said, after bringing out the shrimp that we said we didn't want, " Oh. OK. I'll just eat it." I know he was only trying to satisfy the customer. I'm not oblivious to that. But isn't why he felt the need to do that an important part of a review? Is this not an area that we are to review our experience at various restaurants? I do not care if he doesn't remember saying it. I do not care if he is just lying about something that obviously makes the place look like it's not ready to be open. He said it to me.

Baked potatoes weren't being ordered by us for breakfast or lunch, servingbartenderworkingperson. It was dinner. If you are going to offer them, have them be ready. If they are not ready, don't offer them. If they are half-cooked and NOT ready, then I would suggest making alternate plans of some kind ( frankly, I don't have an idea for you on that. ) But sending out an incomplete order, while not the end of the world, should be noted in a review of any kind. Wouldn't you say?

No, I do not know the name of the manager on duty. Why don't you look at your schedule and look at who was working? Ask her if she remembers any of that conversation. If it's that absurd to you to suggest that someone has to be on " crazy-pills " for them to be slightly indignant, frustrated, whatever - then follow up on YOUR end to check into it.

Shrimp batter - yeah. You changed it. Why did you change it? Because it didn't taste or look right. I didn't decide I wanted everything to be perfect. But that was SO far from perfect that even YOU changed it. Noting it in a review, while fun to make ME look crazy for noting it, has proven to be a worthy note as you changed it.

Look, it's not my fault you opened your doors early and weren't ready. You thought you were, you took a risk, and it flopped while I was there. Go ahead and try and marginalize the words I used to describe what happened and how I felt about it. Imply that I am lying. I don't care. That's exactly what happened and that's exactly how I felt about it.

I will cop to one thing that should be noted. I had really high hopes for this place. I wanted a new favorite place to go to. There were just way too many things that were not just the kinds of things that could or should be chalked up to " Oh, the Statesman forced them to be open too soon." ( As if I even knew that walking in there. They were open, for crying out loud. What more do I need to know? Apparently a lot. Like " The day cooks are better - don't expect too much at night from the kid cooks - it's been open for a week. Expect bumps in the road. ON EVERY LEVEL. )

I pointed out every single good thing I could find. If you think I was exaggerating anything, then why has just about every bad thing I listed NOW been addressed and/or fixed? Staff, recipes, service, cleanliness, advertised entertainment, etc. All fixed, being worked on or changed in some way.

Oh, right. I'm a Nazi. My standards are too high.

Got it.

Anonymous said...

Nope i would not say Nazi. The words I would use are very harsh. You are just a poor individual who has WAY to much time on your hands that you would even re-visit this sit. I feel sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

You're right. I won't be revisiting Mavericks.

Anonymous said...

So...has anyone dined there lately? Any great meals? I would truly like to know...

Anonymous said...

Food was good...but service needs work.First time visit will go back to try it again.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I went there on 12-29. We both ordered the ribeye special. I oredered mine med rare and my wife ordered hers med. The salad was average. It looked like bagged salad with bagged shredded cheese. The steaks came and where ok. My steak was med rare on the inside but it was tough to cut into, it taste burnt. My wifes steak was med and also tough to cut into. I would think that with a med rare steak with the way they advertise there steaks, it should be easy to cut into. Maybe they cook steaks differently in Texas then the NW. The best thing about our dinner was the garlic toast. We might go back to give them a second change, we usually do.

Orejo said...

We just went to Maverick's tonight after reading the positive review here and the one in the newspaper. That was the worst dining experience I have had in years and it cost me way more than I felt comfortable with for the poor quality of food.

There were 5 of us in our party and we arrived around 6:15pm and the place was about half full of guests. Our waitress stated right away that she was new and repeated the line many times over the course of the evening. My husband had the hamburger steak which was simply two hamburger patties pushed together. It was overcooked and had just a small smattering of onions and mushrooms on it. My brother had the catfish and loaded baked potato. The catfish was wet inside and one fillet was too thick for him to feel confident that it was cooked all the way through. The loaded baked potato had unmelted cheese tossed on top with a bit of bacon and chives. He had to request sour cream and butter. My sons had a bacon cheeseburger which came with american cheese and an under ripened tomato on it and the santa fe chicken pasta. My kids are big eaters and neither one finished their food, both stating that they did not like it very much. I had the "fresh homemade" tomato soup, which was clearly not fresh or homemade and the steakhouse salad. The steak on the salad came as one inch cubes that appeared to have been microwaved and had a chewy and overcooked texture. The lettuce was iceberg and it contained many large chunks of the center yellow/white lettuce. All the meals came with a garlic toast that was limp and bland.

I had better food at chain restaurants like Applebees or Marie Calendars and I truly expected much more from this place after reading the reviews. Guaranteed we will not be returning.

Anonymous said...

Our family went to Mavericks for Mothers Day Brunch. I must say that our experience was the worst we have EVER had. We have traveled across the country 3 times, so we honestly can say we have eaten our way across the country. This was truly our worst experience in a restaurant.

We had reserved a table, so getting seated was not a problem, However, it took 20 minutes to even place a drink order.

When our waitress returned with our drinks, she notified that breakfast may take a little while. That seemed ok, as there were 3 large groups as well as our table of 6. She took our order. My mother in law ordered the "Prime Rib Special Breakfast". She asked for egg beaters, the waitress stated they don't have that. so, My mother in law said to just hold the eggs. When I ordered, I ordered the Eggs Benedict and asked for my eggs to be poached hard. The waitress sighed heavy and said she didn't know if they could do that. The rest of our group ordered.

We waited for an ENTIRE HOUR, until I finally asked for the owner to find out about our meal. He said he would check on our meal. 15 minutes later, the waitress FINALLY brought us our food. We had waited 1 hour 15 minutes!

My mother in laws plate came with fried eggs, even though she had asked for NO Eggs. The Prime Rib appeared grilled, like a rib steak, not Prime Rib as advertised.

Because we had complained, our waitress turned extremely rude toward us. I have never had such a rude waitress. It was unbelievable.

We got our check and my husband used our debit card and paid the exact amount, as my father in law paid a cash tip. I was balancing my account online the Tuesday after Mothers Day, and Mavericks had debited my account $15.00 OVER THE BILL and what we had signed for!

I contacted the Manager. She stated my account would be credited. My account still hasn't been adjusted and that has been 3 days.

I would also like to mention that they have advertised as having a "Family" atmosphere. We even bought a discount card from our local middle school choir. It is not a family style restaurant. It is a bar that serves food and plays loud music even during Mothers Day Brunch!

I guarantee that I am sharing this nightmare Mothers Day brunch with everyone I know. And...I never plan on going to Mavericks "Family" restaurant again.

Anonymous said...

Be warned that Thursday night is Kareoke. The appetizer plate was OK. The waitress was nice, but overworked and only waitress for Happy Hour which was somewhat busy. I'd give it one more try.

Anonymous said...

This place is close to home and we really wish it were better. All the tools are there to be a really great place.

The wife and I are kind of biased though. I grew up in restaurants and I married a Canadian gal who's a registered chef w/red seal.

I really do believe these guys mean well and will try to offer a little constructive criticism, so maybe I can drag my wife in to eat there again.


Forbid the wait staff from smoking right outside the front door. I don't care what time it is or how busy you are.

You have a semi-western theme. Run with that by having the staff wear stylish western - not old biker bar T-shirts, they like to wear next door at the pool hall, and tired jeans with whatever footwear they want. It can be casual, yet still clean and uniform.

Teach the staff how to orientate the plate when they set it down, and resist throwing the silverwear down on the table when the customer is there.

The wait staff should be able to handle 8, or more, full tables easy - all night long. Try to train them that busy isn't busy - it's normal. It's either normal or dead. Dead is bad.

You have to train. You can't expect to hire someone with tavern experience and just throw them on the floor of a restaurant that serves more than hamburgers and little smokies.


When tickets are coming in, it's showtime. They don't do one ticket at a time - they do five.

Don't have people, that don't know what they are doing, hang out in the kitchen and bother the chef, no matter the day or time. A good rule is: no one goes in the kitchen without a chefs coat and they better be doing prep, or something, while they're in there. If food consistency is off - this might be it. People can scrub pans and talk at the same time - just not to the chef.

Don't let a plate go if it's not right. Everyone makes mistakes - but shoot for once a month.

That's just some of the basic stuff I've seen the last 4 times I've been in. I wish you guys all the luck. I need a good place to eat.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know their phone number? can't find it anywhere!

KandN said...

Maverick's is closed.