Made With Real Lemons

I wasn't going to post a blog on last night's dining adventure until I was about to walk out of the restaurant, after my meal, and something caught my eye. Earlier in the evening, my dinner plans got complicated by circumstances beyond my control and too boring and lengthy to mention here. So I ended up on Lancaster with my children looking for a bite to eat. Without my digital camera, I didn't want go anywhere that I wanted to review, so we settled for an unmentioned fast food taco stand next to The Red Lobster. I'm not going to review the meal, we've all eaten there and done that. What caught my attention after eating, was the phrase "Made With Real Lemons." It was part of the logo on the Minute Maid Lemonade "Light" soda dispenser next to the Coca-Cola. It must have looked silly to my kids as I stood staring at the soda machine laughing. Is this what our society has come too, when we should think it's an added bonus that the lemonade we drink is actually made with the ingredient it's named after. It makes me wonder about how processed the food is that we eat. Even mom and pop restaurants buy from distributors like Sysco Corporation who bring in products from all over the United States. Wouldn't it be great if we had a restaurant with food made entirely from local producers and farmers. That chef couple, Caprial and John from Portland, always seem to find great local products like pears and make them into mouth watering desserts and entrees. If I knew a place was making an effort to buy local produce and meats, and have seasonal dishes, I would go there all the time. I think others would to. Maybe they could call it "Made With Real Lemons."


jeff said...

What with "better living through chemistry" in a lot of our food products, not all I disagree with, "Made with real lemons" is practically truth in advertising. It would not surprise me at all to find that there is indeed lemonade out there that has never seen an actual lemon.

KandN said...

Heck, that would even work on a tee!
Reminds me of the lemon-berry cream slushie we had at the Medford Sonic this past weekend. We both sucked up lemon seeds through our straws and wondered if they were added to give us that authentic glowy feeling - until we uncovered the lemon wedge lodged in the bottom of the plastic cup.
I like the idea of a restaurant like John and Caprial's. I wonder how it would be received in our area? Is the Spaghetti Warehouse sticking around (I saw a for sale sign posted outside)? That would be a good spot for the "made with real lemons" restaurant with the new condos going in.