Fair Food...The Oregon State Fair 2007 Update

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Judging by our poll most, Eat Salem readers are going to the Oregon State Fair. Bring your camera and tell us where you ate. Was it any good? Was it healthy? Did you feel sick on the rides? Send your photos to eatsalem@gmail.com and I will post them here.

Deep Fried Twinkies and shade what more can you ask for in a fair. I will be taking the family tonight for Wristband Wednesday. See you there. Stay tuned for review.

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jeff said...

Sorry, I forgot my camera... as soon as I got there my breakfast was a deep-fried Twinkie, something I'd never had before. Not bad at all... until you get to the actual twinkie part you think you're just eating a corn dog that is strangely missing the dog part.

Lunch was Pirogies (plural) and a "Jr. Monster Brick" of fries from two stands basically at the top of the food court "U" around the main stage. Since the guys selling the pirogies all had Eastern European (prob Russian) accents and names, I judged them to be authentic. Tasty too. The brick 'o fries was also good, but even between my wife and I we didn't finish it.

A suggestion: when you are looking for a nice shaded spot to eat out of the sun, head for the horse arena right next to the food court. Not only is it a large, cool building with bleacher style seats, but you might be entertained by some of the horse judging.