Eat Salem Readers Choose Downtown Restaurants

The polls are closed and readers of this blog choose downtown as having the best places to eat. With events like the farmers market on Chemeketa St and First Wednesday, people are looking toward downtown as a top destination for food. Parking is not much of a problem if you don't mind making a lap or two around the block. Once on foot, you are within walking distance of dozens of restaurants including DaVinci's, Macedonia, Alessandro's, Wild Pear, Casey's, and Straight From New York Pizza. Downtown beat out Lancaster Blvd which is a known haven for chain restaurants, traffic and huge parking lots. The City of Salem should be proud of the progress downtown is making at becoming a mixed use community. Condos are being renovated above storefronts and the $54 million Meridian development, on the south side of downtown, is expected to be completed in winter 2008. Not to mention the possibilities of what could go onto the Boise Cascade site on the riverfront. Although, Salem diners like their local neighborhood restaurants, they prefer the food and choices offered downtown.
7 (41%)
West Salem
1 (5%)
4 (23%)
4 (23%)
North East
1 (5%)
0 (0%)
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