Roth's Wins the Eat Salem Poll for Best Grocery Store in Salem

Orville Roth knows the grocery store business like no one else in Salem. You can't purchase a pack of gum in one of his stores without a bagger offering to help you carry it to your car. The produce is fresh and seasonal, meats are restaurant quality, wines are local and international, florist, bakery, coffee and the best part, locally owned. Overall, prices are not that much more than Salem's second choice WinCo. For milk and bread, I think Roth's is actually less expensive. When you add it all up, Roth's is the complete package without the long lines because when there is a wait they add a checker immediately. And all those baggers carrying your groceries to the car, they gather up all the shopping carts, leaving a very tidy parking lot. If you don't feel like leaving home Roth's has an online shopping section on their website. Good job Salem for recognizing a store with style.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but you are dead wrong on the comment that Roth's isn't much higher in prices than Winco!

Have you ever heard of a loss leader? That is a product that gets people into your store, and you are willing to take a loss on it, because you will more than make up for it on the other stuff the customer will buy. Roth's is good at throwing out Milk and Bread sales like that.

I have a Roths store less than half a mile from my home. It's big, clean and yes they pack my stuff out. BUT...I go all the way out to the south end of town and do my main shopping at Winco.

Why? Because their produce area is bigger, with lots of local stuff too. Their meat is fine, the aisles are big and roomy, and oh yah, their prices can't be beat!

A few times a year, Winco will have five grocery carts in the entrance of the store. In each cart are identical products purchased at local stores such as Safeway, Roths, Food for Less, etc. They will also have a cart from Winco. Hands down, Winco saves really big time.

I don't need those carts to show me that either, I have a knack for remembering prices on items, and Roths everyday prices are much more than Winco. Try it yourself, write down a list of things to buy, brand name stuff, local produce. And shop each store, (just use a calculator to add up prices, you don't have to actually buy stuffs at both stores!) You will be amazed...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above is correct -- Roth's is much higher than WinCo if you do all of your shopping there. Roth's is also anti-free press, as they killed off an entire Statesman-Journal insert a few months back because the paper dared attempt to keep editorial and advertising content separate.

Fuck Roth's.

Salem Man said...

Here's the deal, buy all of your dry foods and paper products at WinCo. Pasta, popcorn, Tillamook cheese,Ice Cream, frozen pizza, hot dogs, canned foods anything that won't spoil, buy it all at WinCo on the weekend. During the week stop at Roth's for fresh meats, chicken, fruits and vegetables on your way home from work or downtown. That way you get the best of both worlds.

KandN said...

Yeah, we like to go to Roth's when we only need staples, like milk, and we don't want to deal with a huge, busy, parking lot or store. The older I get the more I look for the quick trip.

Anonymous said...

My first choice is the Fred Meyer in South Salem, but it wasn't an option.

Winco is horrible (at least the one on lancaster). It along with wal-mart are wall to wall mexicans and white trash.

Anonymous said...

It all depends on how you shop :) I'm an official coupon shopper and I find that Safeway & Roth's have some of the best deals, you just have to shop the sales with coupons. Stock up and save. I spend approximately $50 per week on food for a family of 3 (one being a teenage boy) and our house is overflowing with food. I plan my menus around the fresh veggies and meat that is on sale then coupon shop the rest.

Just two weeks ago I purchased 12 boxes of Life, 6 boxes of Quaker Oatmeal and 6 boxes of granola bars for less than $10 at Safeway. You can't beat that :)

The dismal part of Safeway is the produce section. I try to get out to EZ Orchards a few times a month for most of my produce unless it's on an incredible sale at Safeway.

Anonymous said...

We always shop at Roth's because they provide a lot of living wage jobs and give back to the community. But I also have sworn to never step into a big box store and that includes Safeways, Targets, Walmart, Costco..etc.

I know it costs more, but more of your money stays local and in the long run it helps the community.

I do go to Fred Meyer when I HAVE to.

Roth's is certainly more expensive but they have great service and give back to the community.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that Roth's is behind Salem not getting a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck.) Not because of the competition but because Roth's has strong-armed the city and real estate owners. Anyone else heard this?

Anonymous said...

Dick Cheney and Orville Roth want to keep Trader Joe's out. It's a huge conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

Recently I bought some Fig Newmans at Sunnyslope Roth's. At $4.69 they cost 70 cents more than Fred Meyer's regular price, but I had a craving and Roth's is closer. When I got home I discovered they were stale because they were five weeks past their sell-by date! Evidently Roth's has priced them to the point where no one buys them and they sit on the shelf for months.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but Fred Meyer has fired all their long-time employees who were getting paid a living wage and replaced them with 31-hr per week, just over minimum wage employees. Ever notice how uninspired the Fred Meyer employees look?

Roth's is more expensive but they provide living wage jobs and health care (so you don't have to pay for it with your tax dollars). Plus Roth's is local and puts money back into the community.

Trust me I am tempted to go to FM to save a few bucks, but in the big picture I hate the Wal-Mart mentality that Fred Meyer's has adopted.

Anonymous said...

I like the Roth's in my town (not Salem) and appreciate some of their selection -- although they could have more in the way of alternative foods like tofu and foods without hydrogenated oils, etc. Winco (well, Waremart) beats their prices by a lot, but I feel dirty when I leave the place. LOL. Anyway, I'm just wondering what I should tip the person who takes my stuff to the car. Since I don't know, I have requested to take the groceries out myself every time. (I'm new to the area and have only used Roth's for a few months regularly.) I got a bit of a look today when I told the grocery bag person that I would take my own bags -- I try to be gracious about it. And that upset me a bit.
I guess I'm asking whether I should tip and how much. I don't mind tipping for the help, but I'd feel better with some advice on this.

KandN said...

Hi Anon,
Roth's employees are not allowed to take tips. My father tried once (he's from out of town and can be persistent), and that's when I learned about the strict policy.

Anonymous said...

I believe they like to take your groceries to your car as part of the service. In addition, this service keeps shopping carts from building up in the lot by being left there by shoppers and/or damaging cars. I never see a worker gathering up what looks like a train of cars from the lot. I never see one cart in their lot ever.