Salem Restaurant Wish List

Sonic is finally here!

Not that we need any more chain restaurants in this town, but I wouldn't mind seeing some good ones set up shop here. For a hamburger, Burgerville would be nice but In N Out Burger would be excellent. I'd drive across town for a Tommy's burger. PF Chang's, like the one in Portland, would help make downtown a destination. People are crazy for Krispy Kreme, how about putting one in that new shopping center in West Salem? For Buffet, I hear Sweet Tomatoes is good. So here's your chance to share your chain cuisine dream. Below is a list of restaurants I found online.

Ben and Jerry's
Bob's Big Boy
Boston Market
Bubba Gump
California Pizza Kitchen
Cheesecake Factory
Claim Jumper
Dave and Buster's
Don Pablo's
Einstein Bros
El Pollo Loco
El Torito
Famous Dave's
Fox Sports Grill
Fresh Choice
Hard Rock Cafe (I'd buy a shirt)
Il Fornaio
In-N-Out Burger
Jerry's Famous Deli
Jersey Mike's Subs
Krispy Kreme
Lonestar Steakhouse
Planet Hollywood
Romano's Macaroni Grill
Ruth Chris Steak House
Stuart Anderson's
Taco Del Mar
Tony Roma's


D.Lamkid said...

In and Out...nothing else!

No toys, no kids meals, no chicken or vegan crap...a hamburger, a fry, and a drink...

Quality you can taste.

They pay their workers a good wage, they are trained well. You get a good meal at a good price. They cook it when you order it.

Black, White, Hispanic, any worker is clean cut, greets you with a smile...they have a winning combo!

Nearest one from Salem is Redding, California...wish they were closer. Absolutely the best, no kidding.

Anonymous said...

IN N OUT!!!!!!

K & N said...

We really miss having a Schlotzsky's in town. Love their bread, Reubens and little specialty pizzas!

Anonymous said...

By the can buy a shirt off their website too, and they have very good quality shirts!

Jenera Healy said...

I would KILL for a Wienerschnitzel in town!

Anonymous said...

How about supporting the great local restaurants we have instead of daydreaming about crappy national chains? Where would you rather see your money? Staying in the local community or in the hands of some greedy CEO in Texas?

Anonymous said...

i am with the last comment! support your local businesses

Anonymous said...

I support local stuff all the time. In fact...I don't shop at Walmart, HOW BOUT YOU???

But...if you ever ate at an IN and Out Burger, you wouldn't consider anywhere else in this town to eat a burger!

And, too many of our cafe's in this town are crap!

EazyMoney said...

I wouldn't mind a sonic burger.

Or even a white castle or crystal burger.

Anonymous said...

I keep telling people that Souplantation would make a killing in Salem. Imagine...a wide variety of soups, salads and fresh bread. Healthy, yet filling. Put one downtown where state workers (and others) could enjoy a great alternative to the cholesterol laden foods generally served in the area. Please...someone jump on this idea!

Anonymous said...

Nobody jumps on ideas in this town. When it comes to food, it's usually boring.

Kim said...

I vote for a Sweet Tomatoes. They are awesome and it would be nice to have somewhere healthy to eat out at.

Anonymous said...

GFL... NO NO NO to Hooters.

So damn tacky.

Anonymous said...

Not one of the those listed on your wish list are worth wishing for. (The only one I would go for is Ruth's Chris Steak House, because there is no high end steak place here, or Morton's for the same reason.) All the rest SUCK. I agree re: support local businesses and maybe talented chefs will be inspired to open a restaurant here that champions the local ingredients, which are plentiful and delicious.

I don't understand, with all the wineries in the area, why there aren't any places similar to PDX's Wildwood, Higgins or Paley's Place. A definite void.

Anonymous said...

There is a Taco Del Mar at Keizer Station...

Anonymous said...

I believe Popeye's chicken will be coming to Keizer Station and I know that PF Changs looked at Keizer station as well. I don't think PF Chang will come here, they are looking at eugene.

Stephanie said...

Three things I need in Salem:
1) Sonic (fresh strawberry/raspberry lime-aid)
2) TCBY (full-service)
3) Sweet Tomatoes
And a Burgerville would be awesome, too.

Anonymous said...

Most of these places are in Portland and there is a good reason why they should stay only in Portland because most Salem foks can't afford them.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Sweet Tomatoes idea! That is a great place with very fresh food and plenty of healthy choices. And it's buffet. Salem loves a buffet.

I'd also love a fatburger, but Burgervillw would work. At least they use Oregon products, helping to support our local economy and offering quality ingredients.

Anonymous said...

Salem needs a independent brewery. Either downtown or in one of the older neighborhoods close to downtown. Boons, Thompson's, and the Ram have a good crowd every night.

Anonymous said...

We used to have Burgerville, Schlotzky's, TCBY, and more of the chains people are wishing for...but I guess not enough *other* people thought they were that great because they're gone...