Salem Celebrates Fourth of July

All over town, the smell of charcoal filled the air as hot dogs and burgers cooked at neighborhood and family barbecues. Thousands of people headed to the waterfront to see the fireworks and even more folks gathered in the streets and created their own shows. This leaves me with two questions. 1. Which is better, the waterfront show or your own street show? 2. Which is better, charcoal or gas grilling? My favorite is the street shows because I don't have to deal with the stress of crowds and traffic. Although I usually burn gas, studies show charcoal gives food a better flavor. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

No doubt about it, charcoal makes things taste better. It adds a smoke flavor.

But...gas is so much easier and quick. I have both. I hate to say I use the gas most of the time.

I do however have a smoker, that uses wood and charcoal, for low and slow actual BBQ. Now that's good stuffs!

EazyMoney said...

I never use gas.. I have a grill and a bbq both for charcoal.

As far as taste goes.. charcoal hands down. Its a bit easier to cook something large (pork shoulder) on a gas grill because its easier to maintain a constant temperature.

I have it down though, and despise gas.

Besides making real bbq.. I can also make smoked salmon and smoked cheese, jerky, smoked salt.. try that on your gas grill.. ; )

Anonymous said...