Rigoberto's Taco Shop

Update: Rigoberto's is now closed
A friend suggested to go here. I ordered the chicken burrito, and they aren't joking . It was all chicken with a little cheese and that's it. The chicken was tasty, but I was hoping for some beans and rice or anything else to go with it.

I probably should have ordered something different, but I doubt I will go there again. I will make the drive all the way over to Lancaster to get my Baja Fresh Burrito Ultimo with chicken and all the fixens. Rigoberto's is in West Salem on Wallace.

This is "Yummy Food's" first post on the Eat Salem Blog. Way to go!


BoggyWoggy said...

Rigoberto's is now a semi-chain. There is also one in Corvallis that was called "La Conga" for years. Even though I know the family who runs it, I am leary about eating there. I became ill twice after eating there in 2004 and have decided to never eat their food again. I'm just unsure about the sanitation and awareness of expiration dates there...

Anonymous said...

Rigoberto's is repackaged Muchas Gracias. Same menu, same salsas. Same blech.

Anonymous said...

We tried Rigoberto's three times.

Each time, the place was less than clean. And the food just didn't have the pizazz that I want from Mexican food, dull would be a good name for it.

Also, they must not have their fryer at high enough heat. Everything is saturated with oil, this does not happen if your oil is hot enough.

We will not try it for a fourth time. (Why did we even go back for that third time?)

Anonymous said...

I agree re: blah food. However the blah Muchas food is amazing when drunk or otherwise impaired (probably why they're all open so late).

Watch for the yellow menus - dead giveaway that it's really a Muchas Gracias.

FYI, the Abierto's restaurants are also Muchas Clones.

Anonymous said...

I hate mexican food anyway because it is heavily boring (how many ways can you put rice beans and meat?)

Rigobertos = robertos = muchas gracias = alibertos = betos

That should be enough of an explanation.

My friends always get the Oregon Burrito when we go out in corvallis, and we make another stop at the McDonald's a block down so I can get something I can stomach.

Unknown said...

I totally disagree,good food,good price.
better than what you would pay at baja fresh, or Taco Del Mar. And you get more food!

I have tried almost everything on the menu the Flying Saucers are the best, followed by the fish tacos.A flying saucer can feed 2 people, at 3.85 thats a bargain.

I think people are just put off because it doesnt have that flashy corporate chain look. I admit I do eat at Taco Del Mar, but thats because their isnt a MG nearby!

-A muchas gracias devotee

Anonymous said...

Rigoberto's is a several year old chain that originated in California when they took over Alberto's. Alberto's was much better.

Anonymous said...

I've eaten at 2 Rigoberto's in Bend OR, and been really happy with the food. Think it's blah? Well, that's what their great selection of hot sauces is for!! Also have some of the veges with them, fresh and pickled both. Duh!

I agree that the burritos are too heavy on meat, but I didn't think most people would complain about that. Try the chile rellenos, mmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Rigoberto breakfast burritos are good! I'm eating one right now.

Anonymous said...

Rigoberto in West Salem? It is closed

Anonymous said...

I thought there were 2 Rigoberto's in Salem. Can't find info in the phone book, tho.