The New Planters Arrive... not bad!

Coming Soon...
Our beloved street planters have found a new home. Can you guess where?

What do
you think?
Could our tax dollars be used on something else?


EazyMoney said...

Well thats better than Keizers phallic traffic posts..

Anonymous said...

I like them...simple, yet aesthetically pleasing.

Anonymous said...

i can not belive they wasted TAX dollars for those, when that could have been put to good use somewhere like, lets say UHHHHHH schools perhaps, the library, the volunteer run riverfront carousel, are they gonna dissappear over time, like those one things people used to post flyers on downtown, i just seriously think the money could have been better and more wisely spent!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad they took out the litter producing kiosks!!!

We need LOTS of trash cans downtown, so I am also glad to see the new ones.

As far as a waste of tax dollars, I suppose it is a waste for the planters, not the trash cans.

As long as someone didn't absolutely screw the city on the price of the planters, they can gladly have a few bucks from me to help this city look a bit more pretty. It needs it.

I would rather worry about my tax dollars going to the war contractors screwing us and our military!

Anonymous said...

Wow it's a good thing you guys don't live in a real city with an actual vibrant and thriving downtown...the trash in the streets and the folks of other ethnicities would probably give you the vapors!