Dunkin' Donuts

If you've been waiting for me to review Bentley's, Allesandro's, or Wild Pear, I apologize for the following post. Sometimes factors like being tired, cost, convenience and time are the biggest factors in determining where we eat. Donuts and coffee can be a lifesaver in the morning when you're on the go and need a quick pick me up. If you live in South Salem, you've either been to Dunkin' Donuts on Commercial Street or, you're such a health nut, the closest you ever get to these sugary pastries is passing by on your morning jog to Lifesource Natural Foods. Dunkin' Donuts is your average donut shop. Nothing special, choose between glazed, cake, raised, fancy or bear claws, just like any other donut shop you've ever been to. They always ask you if you want room in your coffee for cream and sugar and hand you a couple of free donut holes. To say it's average, is sort of a compliment because you know that you're going to at least get a fresh donut that will taste as good as the one you ate on your last visit. They're not the best donuts I've ever had, but they're donuts, so there good anyway. If you go remember to bring cash because any transaction under $5 with a debit or credit card, they charge an extra $.25. I hate that but I've paid it many times. Although Dunkin' Donuts is a chain they are locally owned and operated. Get a coupon for a dozen donuts here.


EazyMoney said...

Mmmmm Donuts.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it's no longer a Dunkin' Donuts. They had to sever ties with the Boston franchise as the contract expired and DD would not extend it. The closest Dunkin' Donuts for folks on the West Coast are in Las Vegas (three new stores) or Phoenix, AZ.