Lefty's Pizzeria

Update 3/10/10
Lefty's, unfortunately, is closed in both locations. To get some great pizza in town go to Straight From New York Pizza. Click here for info.

I just went by Lefty's a few minutes ago and the open sign was lit up, great news. We might have to go by there and show some support and get one of those pies.


It looks like Lefty's on south Commercial has closed. I went there yesterday after a reader comment and noticed a "for lease" sign in the window. Can anyone out there confirm this? How are the owners and employees taking it? This is really unfortunate because they had great pizza. The long time owners sold about a year ago and local pizza competitors have opened nearby. The Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy pizza and all you can eat weekend deal will be missed.

Originally Posted 6-3-07
The second best Pizza in Salem, but this pie would be number one almost anywhere else on the west coast.
There must be something about Salem's water that is similar to New York because this place taste just like they make them in the big apple. The pizza below is the "Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy" and is a meat lovers masterpiece.
Don't expect to pay $5 for a pizza here, there is only one size and prices range from $15 to $22. You can order by the slice, $2 to $4 each or there are daily and weekend specials for around $6 to $8. This is a great place for a casual business lunch or take out when you have guests over.
Originally Posted 6-3-07


EazyMoney said...

Not bad, but I think their sauce is too sweet.

Anonymous said...

They used to be much better. I think they fell into the trap of slowly lowering the quality of their product while increasing prices (and blaming everyone else all the while.) And they are cheap bastards to begin with.

jeff said...

I had a piece of the pizza pictured (Meaty Beaty Big & something... it's a Who album name) last Sunday, and while I thought it was okay I thought the crust tasted very floury. The side salad was very good. For the price, not a bad meal.

Anonymous said...

Don't even begin to compare Lefty's to New York pizza. It's New York-style, and for what it is, it isn't bad.

New York Pizza (the restaurant) is definitely better- but Apizza in Stayton is actually worth the trip. It is by FAR THE BEST PIZZA I HAVE HAD IN OREGON. It's actually New Haven pizza, which is better than NY.

Take it from the pizza snob- go visit Apizza on N 3rd in downtown Stayton- they need the volume and you'll be hooked.

robert said...

Apizza is the best. Christo's is really good, too, and closer to home. Lefty's is not even close in
quality to these two.

Anonymous said...

The quality here has plummeted. It used to be a C-, but now I say D-. Tastes like frozen pizza.

They have been closed a couple of times recently, and going to Subway, I never see anyone in there (even on busy nights like saturday).

Anonymous said...

Stick a fork in em. The south lefty's is now closed.

KandN said...

That seemed like a good location, too. Managing a restaurant has to be one of the tougher jobs. So many things to balance and then you add the rising costs of everything, because it all arrives thanks to gas.

Anonymous said...

As long as Christos and Straight are around, we're good to go in Salem when it comes to pizza.

Lefty's was not nearly as good as the two mentioned above. In fact, it wasn't very good...

Anonymous said...

I went by yesterday and there was a for lease sign up and it was closed.

KandN said...

Just spotted this on SJ's Menu Matters: "Lefty's Pizzeria at 2918 Commercial St. SE in Salem, which was closed in a rent dispute last week, has reopened.

Deering Management Group of Portland had posted a lien on the property, and another sign said Prudential was offering a lease on the 1,400 square-foot space.

The business is owned by Travis Lewin

The South Salem location was formerly owned by Karen and John Graham, operators of Lefty's on State Street, although they sold the business to Lewin before closing the State Street location last October."