Fast Food Salem

Like almost any city USA, Salem has been invaded by nationwide, high calorie, high fat, low quality fast food chains. Where the billboard photo of the meal looks nothing like what you actually get.
Drive-thrus have hamburgers and tacos at the ready for customers at all hours of the night. Fresh, not exactly. Some restaurants used to have a stack of Styrofoam wrapped hamburgers under a heat lamp that were quickly served moments after a customer paid his bill. Now, it looks like someone in the back receiving orders over a computer, actually puts the sandwich together but you never see the cook who's flipping the meat paddies on the fryer.
Their logos are familiar to children because kids know that those are the restaurants with the free toys and movie promotions. The kids meal is almost like a loss leader for these chains to ensure future customers.
With all that being said, you still wind up in the drive-thru line because you need a quick bite to eat and you don't trust the local mom and pop stand because it doesn't look shiny and new. That's why I decided to pick up a couple of burger's a Carl's Jr. on Commercial Street South by Walmart. Great location.
Once again they screwed up my order. This time I ordered a western bacon cheeseburger and they gave me one of their $6 Angus burgers for $4. Either the guy heard me incorrectly over the intercom or he pushed the wrong button. He also asked what kind of dipping sauce for the kids chicken strips but forgot to put any in the bags. They also forgot napkins. Last time I was there they put the criss cut fries in one of the kids meals and forgot a sandwich altogether.
Actually that is what pushed me to get this blog started.
So, I won't review any more fast food chains, and I'll do my best to avoid eating at them.

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